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SEC Week 13 Recap

Do I want to say much more about LSU getting their cocks handed to them by Ole Miss? Not really. And I’d really appreciate my DVR ignoring future replays of the game on that CBS College Sports channel. But the upside of this total collapse by the Tigers is that others are starting to question [...]

SEC Week 12 Recap

I’ve said all I care to about the LSU / Troy game, but I will note my prediction was 42 – 20. So Troy made it closer than I thought, and obviously things unfolded not like I expected – or as they should have. And it was a different defensive back that scored on Jarrett [...]

LSU comeback on Troy – the Tiger offense

OK, so the last bit I feel compelled to add about the “historic” LSU comeback against Troy is how the Tigers managed to come back from 28 down in the middle of the third quarter. The comeback was remarkable in how unremarkable LSU’s offense was in making it happen. Yes, Jarrett Lee made some good [...]

LSU loss to Alabama, part II – the defense

The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning is filled with tales of heroism and references to the “epic” game played in Tiger Stadium yesterday. As any reader of that paper knows, homerism is to be expected. The softness with which they treat Jarrett Lee has become familiar – praising [...]

LSU loss to Alabama – unbelievably frustrating

In all but one extremely obvious way (I’ll give you a hint – it wears number 12), LSU is a better team than Alabama. I thought that going in to today’s game, and the results showed it. For all of Jarrett Lee’s gifts to Alabama, the Tigers still managed to take this one to overtime. [...]

A quick post-Saturday thought

A proper recap of the week shall follow, but let me just say – thank you Jarrett Lee and Andrew Hatch. I say thanks because you are not Chris Todd and Kodi Burns. LSU could have been left without a competent quarterback this season, and Auburn demonstrated very well yesterday what that would mean. So [...]

Postgame photo of the century

Gary Crowton greeting his quarterbacks after Saturday’s win over Auburn: Assuming Andrew Hatch was, in fact, aware of his own existence again by this point, he’s got the unmistakable look of the guy who just realized that hot girl in the bar is actually after his friend, not him. Love hurts sometimes. Runner-up for postgame [...]

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