Testing out iPhone posting

WordPress App looks fairly cool. Let’s add a photo …

Camera crashed the phone on the first try; OK after that. They probably have some bugs to work out yet. But a game-changer for sure.


Jobs I Should Apply For: Store Reset Specialist

Job Title: Store Reset Specialist

Job Description: Responsible for representing ACOSTA, our principals, and our customers through the proper implementation of current plan-o-grams, new items, void corrections or special merchandising activity for the specific set and location. Rotate stock, display products as appropriate per schematic. Perform such duties as checking date codes per ensuring adherence to plan-o-gram, replacing decals/re-order tags or ads and placing point of purchase material. May assist in the transportation and on-site delivery of all materials, supplies and equipment necessary for the assigned set. Responsible for special projects as assigned.

Job Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED required. Prior food broker, retail and set responsibility experience preferred. Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds. Must be able to effectively communicate with others. Must be able to sit for long periods of time, stoop and kneel on a daily basis. Must have a valid driver’s license and must be able to drive a car for extended periods of time.

Employer: ACOSTA

This one seems pretty awesome. Any job that involves working with a “plan-o-gram” has to be cool. The possibility of “special projects” is very exciting as well. And I have tremendous experience with stooping and kneeling on a daily basis. I haven’t sat for more than 10 minutes in about a year, but I have a lot of experience driving a car for extended periods of time (mostly between Atlanta and Baton Rouge). As for communicating well with others – hey, read The Wisdom!

I suppose the gist of this job is that you drive around to stores and make sure the products of ACOSTA clients are displayed correctly (according to the plan-o-gram), have the right specials posted and stuff like that. I’d rank this position fairly high up the chain in that mythical “if all jobs paid the same amount” consideration. Alas, I doubt this position pays all that well – and I’ll have to see about lifting those 60 pounds. Lifting 24.5 pounds a thousand times a day is no problem, though.

Musburger on CFL? No, no, no, no, no!

Apparently today is the day when ESPN rolls out the full-time edition of College Football Live for the season. So my long-dormant DVR timer for it fired off at 6 p.m. Eastern, and what do I get? F*cking Brent Musburger hosting???? Please, God, don’t let this be.

Musburger is the guy who makes me turn off LSU TV audio and listen to Jim Hawthorne incorrectly calling the game on a 10-second delay. That’s how much I hate Brent Musburger. He’s as old as Keith Jackson with none of the charm and the little “snappy” Dick Vitale announcing style he added a few years ago is beyond intolerable. I don’t know if I can watch a season of College Football Live if he’s the host.

What’s more – CFL has apparently added some central-casting young hottie (named Molly Qerim) to anchor the “interactive” portions of the show. And, of course, taking on the expense of bimbo care and feeding means they’ve got to expand the stupid fan “involvement” in the show. So now it’s not just pointless video clips from drunken fans, now we’re going to have things like a March Madness-style fan-vote “bracket” to determine the coolest helmets in college football. I’m not making that up.

ESPN, you had the best thing going with CFL – daily, in-depth coverage of college football all season long. But if this is what you’ve decided to turn CFL in to, I’ll have one less must-see show on my DVR.


Starbucks pulls back big in Baton Rouge

Congratulations to Baton Rouge on shedding a whopping nine Starbucks locations in the coffee-peddler’s pullback. By comparison, all of metro Atlanta will see just 10 Starbucks close in the downsizing. Baton Rouge will have but four Starbucks after the closings.

I’m commenting from a distance and without having been down to Louisiana for almost a year, but I have to think the Starbucks retreat speaks volumes about the success of Community Coffee in building out their CC’s Coffee House chain as well as Louisiana’s deeply-entrenched coffee culture and general embracing of things local over giant chain stores.

Given the price of oil and Louisiana’s ties to the industry, I would assume the economy down there is in no worse shape than anyplace else, so I doubt Starbucks is leaving because it doesn’t like the market. I have to think it’s just getting its butt stomped down there. The chain was very late in coming to Baton Rouge, and most of their stores probably fit the model of new and unestablished they say they’re looking for in the closings, but if the company is simply losing to the locals in Baton Rouge, that would make me happy.

Somebody lift a Cafe au Lait for me in celebration.

Jobs I Should Apply For: Co-Host of “The Bull” morning show

I’ve been meaning to make a regular Wisdom feature out of job postings I happen across in the course of my job search. I cast a wide net of job feeds that come in through RSS, so there are interesting and amusing ones floating by all the time. So call it a feature …

Job Title: 94.9 The Bull / Morning Show co-host

Job Description: 94.9 “The Bull” in Atlanta is looking for an additional and fresh perspective for the Cledus T. Judd Morning Show! The job is open and waiting for someone that is real and can relate to their listeners. This will be a very valuable member of our team and it’s your opportunity to get in at the start of something BIG.

Qualifications: TO APPLY, send AUDIO and RESUMES to: 94.9 The Bull / HR DEPT, 1819 Peachtree Road NE #700, Atlanta, GA 30309. OR – email to hrAtlanta@clearchannel.com.

Employer: Clear Channel Communications

My Strengths: If my perspective is anything, it’s fresh and additional. No specific mention of previous radio experience required – but I have previous radio experience! That’s right, I do. It’s fallen off my resume, but in the summer of 1988 or so, I was the weekend station manager, DJ and host of two live shows – a Cajun music show and Sunday Mass at the local Catholic church at KCLF radio in New Roads, Louisiana.

My Weaknesses: I’ve never heard the Cledus T Judd Morning Show, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say I probably wouldn’t like it. And I’m going to assume that the “I hate you people” perspective isn’t exactly what The Bull is looking for. Plus, I bet you have to get up real early for this gig.

So I think I’ll pass. But I may live to regret it.

CNN’s half-assed HD

A couple of months ago, Dish Network flipped the switch and turned on a bunch more HD channels, including CNN HD. And I’m guessing Dish is one of the few TV providers carrying CNN HD, because the network is totally half-assing their HD broadcasting.

The only things actually broadcast in HD are the CNN programs that originate in their New York studio and some things coming out of Washington. Programming originating in Atlanta is not broadcast in HD. I think the folks working on the television side of CNN here in Atlanta ought to take note of that – the lack of HD investment here is another sign that network power and image is shifting rapidly to New York.

So the bulk of CNN HD’s programming comes out of Atlanta and, therefore, isn’t actually in HD. Kind of lame if you ask me. But today I saw that CNN has rolled out a much lamer element of their “HD” broadcast:

Brianna Keiller in HD

Yep, instead of the standard yet ironic “HD” graphic that CNN places in the dead-bar area of their 16×9 image when they’re not actually broadcasting in HD, the network is now placing advertisements for their shows in this area. That is tremendously not cool.

You see, I’m paying extra for HD programming, including CNN HD. But instead of actually broadcasting the majority of your programming in HD, you’re going to put promotional ads in the space that should be this HD image I’m paying extra for? That is just a huge, huge swing from the investment I’m making as your customer and the action you are taking as my supplier. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

If CNN isn’t going to invest in HD broadcasting equipment for Atlanta, that’s one thing. But to actually take advantage of their lack of HD investment to shove more house ads on the air – no.

Dish Network killing my illegal TiVo-patent-violating 942 DVR after all

So back in April Dish Network was slapped with an injunction against selling certain DVRs in the wake of the TiVo patent infringement case. The models affected included the HD 942 DVR that I have as my upstairs unit, but Dish’s announcement of the injunction specifically said units already in use were not subject to the the injunction and may continue to be used by customers.

Dish Injunction

Or not.

This afternoon I got a call from Dish customer service saying that my 942 DVR will no longer receive Dish programming after August 1 and must be replaced. That’s very different from what was said before and has apparently been reported to this point. Dish, as usual, is cool about the whole thing – they’re setting me up with a no-cost lease of another HD 622 DVR (because I own my 942) and hustling a technician out here on Monday at no cost to set it up.

I’ll have to endure the usual pain of either losing recorded programs or moving them off the 942 to something else (I don’t remember if the 942 supports USB transfer or not), but the 942 doesn’t get the expanded set of HD channels I get on my 622, so all in all I call this good for me.

It’s not so good, however, for the unaware folks who are about to close a deal on eBay for a receiver with a useful life of 28 days from today.

I can’t stay I still quite understand what makes the newer DVRs not infringe upon the TiVo patent, but Dish has filed suit to get that judgment made official by a Delaware court. So given that they are taking a solid move to rid the world of the offending DVRs, filing suit against TiVo’s statements about their new one and heavily promoting their new DVRs, they must feel pretty strongly that they’re in the clear now.

Let’s hope so. New DVR will be something like my 10th one in about seven years.

Pat Dye’s long-lost Judge Smails pants recovered

This is too freaking funny. Former Auburn coach Pat Dye loses his pants – and not just any pants; awesome Judge Smails plaid golf pants – in an Alabama lake in the mid-80s. Because of the drought, the pants resurface and Coach Dye is finally reunited with them.

Pat Dye's Judge Smails pants

And the story is “broken” by the enterprising Lake Martin Magazine. Too much goodness here to not note.

Least-surprising outcome ever

From The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper)

Motorcyclist dies in solo wreck Friday
A motorcyclist traveling with no helmet and no headlights down a dark highway was killed late Friday when he ran off the road and was ejected from his bike, said a State Police news release.

Herman R. Sevario, 24, of Walker, was southbound on La. 449 on a Honda CRF 450R motorcycle, near La. 63 in Livingston Parish, at 11:32 p.m. when the wreck occurred, State Police spokesman Trooper Johnnie Brown said.

The motorcycle left the road to the right, throwing Sevario to the ground.

Sevario was pronounced dead at the scene by the Livingston Parish Coroner’s Office, Brown said.

Alcohol use is not suspected as a factor in the crash.

So no helmet … no headlights … dark road … sounds like a plan. I guess the last line about alcohol not being involved is a surprise, but otherwise, I think Herman might should have known a little better.

On the sidelines

Going out to my car the other day, I noticed this coffee mug hanging out on the garage floor. It had fallen off the shelf where I put empty Coke Zero cans and travel mugs when I have fresh beverages to take with me somewhere.

Google Mug

Yep, there it is. One of the more practical bits of corporate schwag I received from Google during the three years I worked with them as the search guy for EarthLink – lying there collecting dust. And I gotta say, that’s how I’ve been feeling about my “career” of late.

I was happy to get laid off last fall – as strange as it sounds, having it happen about a month after my first child was born was great timing. Severance came in handy and things are shaky enough at my former company that I would have been nervous having the wife quit her job to stay at home with the baby.

After the layoff, our plan became for me to stay home with the kid until my wife was done with some major projects at work. Then we would switch roles and I would go back to work. My window to go back opened about June 1, so I’ve been actively looking around for not quite two months now. I don’t like what I’m finding.

As my buddy Dave and I were discussing the other day, it’s not that there aren’t jobs available in Atlanta – just not interesting ones. Actually, I imagine there are some interesting jobs out there, but I’m not in a position to find them right now. I can manage to do interviews during the day, but networking and the like is really difficult to do with a 10-month-old tagging along.

In the best of times, Atlanta isn’t a bad market for interesting new media things. In not-so-great times, it’s not so great. The best leads and casual but serious offers from former colleagues have all come from the west coast. But as much as I enjoyed spending time in L.A. and the Valley at my old job, moving there just isn’t going to happen now. It was highly unlikely before I had a child – and just isn’t going to happen now. As I told one recruiter from the Valley; I like being married, and my wife and kid wouldn’t come with me to California even if I wanted to move.

Something will come along, I’m sure. But it’s different now that I’m actively looking – I’ve started to feel like that coffee mug collecting dust. I thrive on the challenge of new things. I get that with my little sideline bits like EAV Buzz, but in the best weeks I might get 20 hours to devote to the “professional” projects I do for fun and to stay sharp. And I ramble on about Yahoo and things to just keep my product brain healthy.

Keeping perspective is the hardest thing – what I’ve done is best for my daughter and it shows in her development. She is the “product” I’m “managing” right now, and we’ve had a successful launch. Maybe if I put together a PowerPoint showing her progress I’ve feel more “in the game”.

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