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What’s up with CNN?

OK, so the wife and I have post-election coverage on this morning. I think everybody knows that CNN is refusing to call Ohio for Bush, but in flipping around, we noticed that even discounting Ohio, CNN has a different elector count than the other networks. So I went online and checked out the red/blue maps. [...]

Glory be to our Great Christian Protector

I have seen the error of my ways, and I give myself to thee, Great Christian Protector. I once was lost, but now am found. No longer shall I bathe in the sin of whiskey. My house of worship shall no longer be Tiger Stadium, but a suitable Christian sanctuary. My thoughts shall focus on [...]

Blow me – I voted!

I spent a full hour at the polling place this morning in order to vote. And, if polls are to be believed, the only real meaningful vote I may have cast was against the Jesus-lovers” anti-gay-marriage amendment here in Georgia. And that”ll probably pass anyway. If not for the responsibility I feel to stand up [...]

Today’s sign that we’ll learn about the apocalypse from PR Newswire

There”s a lot of stuff that comes across my RSS reader every day, and for reasons known only to my human friends, many of them concern Google. So a couple of minutes ago, a Yahoo! News-delivered press release was picked up because it mentions Google. Here”s the release: Simply Wow(r) Achieves Top Ranking on Search [...]

This week with Jessica Pivik

Well, it”s good to see Jessica Pivik is taking the journalism advice of The Cap”n. In this week”s wonderful article on “jelqing”, Jessica gives full attribution to all of her Googled “sources”. Well done. But she writes about the “jelqing” technique with what appears to be first-hand (so to speak) knowledge. I”d imagine she lifted [...]

Cincinnati’s crazy for Cornhole

That”s right. Hard-working, steadfast Ohioans can”t get enough of the cornhole. In fact, the cornhole craze is catching on across America. Looking to get into cornhole? a Google Search is a good place to start. And if you want to see some folks enjoying cornhole, a Google Image Search can be quite helpful. IMPORTANT NOTE: [...]

Rock me like a hurricane … please?

The wife and I braved a swarm of costumed, underage, commercial radio listeners last night in order to see Jet live. The dirty Aussie lads have played precious few gigs in the U.S. this year, so the 99X Halloween show was our only sure shot to see them. If you don”t know Jet – they [...]

GTA San Andreas

The wife and I busted the seal on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas last night, and as she mentioned, Lieberman is going to freak. With about two hours of gameplay under my belt, I”ve discovered the following: • The dialogue (Samuel Jackson is among the voice talent) goes way out of its way to drop [...]

Damn, you girls are fat!

So there”s this new CDC study out today that compares the average height and weight of Americans in 1960 to those in 2002. Of course, Americans are much fatter and only a little taller now. But here”s the stat that really floored me: The average American woman is 5″4″ and weighs 164 pounds. Damn! Since [...]

The Wisdom on the move

Back up the U-Haul, friend. The Wisdom is moving. That”s right. The Wisdom has a new home: Why the move? Well … why not? I”ve got a better chance of achieving my goal of world domination if I”m publishing at my own URL, right? You”ll notice that The New Wisdom is living under its [...]

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