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Sirius music channels win in XM merger

Word is leaking out about what the XM lineup will look like in a post-merger world. Supposedly the switch is going to be flipped on this very soon. Loyal Wisdom readers will recall that I’m a Sirius fan from way back, have never been very impressed with the music of XM and didn’t hold out [...]

Free life lesson

Driving the wife to work this morning, some jackass on Marietta Street decided that it would be better for him – rather than waiting 30 seconds for the cars in front of him to turn left – to jump out into the right-hand lane directly in front of me, my wife, Cletus the fetus and [...]

Sirius living in an Acura TL

For the sake of those fine Googlefied folks who view the Wisdom as an Acura TL blog, I wanted to post my suggestion on how to get Sirius into an Acura TL (which also happens to be the way I put Sirius in my TL). Biggest upside of my install – no brackets or other [...]

Bricks & Mortar – how to fail

Yesterday I installed my Sirius Starmate Reply in the TL, and it was relatively quick and easy. I just had to pop off some panels, drill one hole in the bottom center console tray and route the antenna wire up under the dash (the antenna sits inside the car on the dash, which works quite [...]

Life with the Acura TL

Since Smoove asked … I”ve had my TL for a month and a day now and have put about 2,500 miles on it (road trips), so some initial impressions: – Interior feel: Excellent. Acura does a great job of making the TL feel a lot more expensive than it is. Great leather seats, great fit [...]

The problem with navigation system POI

I”ve been toying around a good bit with the GPS system in my new Acura TL, mostly figuring out what”s possible to hack and/or modify in the system (with lots of info from AcuraZine). Changing the initial load screen to an LSU logo, getting rid of the “OK” button click required to launch the nav [...]

And, oh yeah, I bought a car

My mind”s been too distracted by work, LSU, holidays, East Atlanta goings-on and looking at cars to focus much Wisdom on my ongoing car search. But to cut to the chase; I bought one last Tuesday. And what ride is now filling the Capn”s half of the Wisdom Garage? After much consideration, many test drives [...]

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