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TechCrunch rant about ‘CNN’ Phelps ‘spoiler’ on Twitter goes haywire

One of the great things about an RSS client is that once it grabs a published article, it hangs on to it. If you make changes later, the first thing you published will disappear from your site, but not my client if it passed by before the change. If you change the title of a [...]

Dish Network lied to me; executive customer service guy is a douche

Update: I had also sent an email in to a bunch of corporate email addresses at Dish, and today (Aug. 18) somebody got back to me with an apology for my customer service experience and promise to make the appropriate “adjustment” to my account. Hopefully this is a long-term change in what they are charging [...]

The Longest Street View in the World

Google has released Street View for New Orleans and Baton Rouge (including a really wide swath of southeast Louisiana – I wouldn’t have thought my sister’s place or my ex-inlaws’ place would be there), and the company and the state are touting this release as a positive infotool in post-Katrina Louisiana. OK, fair enough. And [...]

Testing out iPhone posting

WordPress App looks fairly cool. Let’s add a photo … Camera crashed the phone on the first try; OK after that. They probably have some bugs to work out yet. But a game-changer for sure.

CNN’s half-assed HD

A couple of months ago, Dish Network flipped the switch and turned on a bunch more HD channels, including CNN HD. And I’m guessing Dish is one of the few TV providers carrying CNN HD, because the network is totally half-assing their HD broadcasting. The only things actually broadcast in HD are the CNN programs [...]

Dish Network killing my illegal TiVo-patent-violating 942 DVR after all

So back in April Dish Network was slapped with an injunction against selling certain DVRs in the wake of the TiVo patent infringement case. The models affected included the HD 942 DVR that I have as my upstairs unit, but Dish’s announcement of the injunction specifically said units already in use were not subject to [...]

On the sidelines

Going out to my car the other day, I noticed this coffee mug hanging out on the garage floor. It had fallen off the shelf where I put empty Coke Zero cans and travel mugs when I have fresh beverages to take with me somewhere. Yep, there it is. One of the more practical bits [...]

Yahoo / Google deal – good move

In an award-eligible and widely-ignored piece about five weeks ago, I detailed my unoriginal thoughts on a potential search outsourcing deal that could save Yahoo from collapse in the wake of Microsoft’s failed bid to buy the company. And today Yahoo and Google struck just such a deal. So I figured it worthwhile to take [...]

Worst unsupported browser experience ever

So I opened a new business checking account with SunTrust Bank – had to support the one bank left in East Atlanta Village, and you can’t beat “free” – a couple of weeks ago and ran in to the most frustratingly stupid unsupported browser experience I’ve ever seen. When you sign up for Business Checking, [...]

Microsoft / Yahoo – glad to see it’s (maybe) over

So last night Microsoft officially bailed on its offer to buy Yahoo. Jerry’s kids stuck to their guns on acceptable pricing and scared Ballmer away from a proxy fight with talk of a Google alliance. Well done, I say. The only thing that would have made sense about this acquisition was a really big premium [...]

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