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If Katrina Happened Five Years Later

Today we’re marking the fifth anniversary of Katrina devastating the Mississippi coast and exposing the criminal inadequacy of the federal levees in New Orleans. And most of the focus is on how far the region has come in five years. But what’s on my mind today is how different the communication, media and information experience [...]

Foursquare Wars: SEC football stadiums

Fans of SEC football teams love to tout their team’s rankings – from numbers of titles won to recruiting class rankings to seating capacity and on and on. So here’s something else to chew on and watch over time: Foursquare popularity of SEC football stadiums. And since the spring is a preview of the fall, [...]

USAA mobile deposit restrictions – the full idiocy

So after hearing such good things about USAA from friends and learning that they had opened up their banking products to the non-military-connected, I figured I would give them a shot as my checking / savings provider. A big part of that decision was because of the home scanning / mobile app deposit options USAA [...]

U-verse in Atlanta: An early review

As of this morning, our household is fully up and running with AT&T’s U-verse TV and Internet service. This after having been an ardent supporter and customer of Dish Network for nine years. I didn’t fall out of love with Dish. In a number of ways, U-verse TV is a step backward from what I [...]

Sirius music channels win in XM merger

Word is leaking out about what the XM lineup will look like in a post-merger world. Supposedly the switch is going to be flipped on this very soon. Loyal Wisdom readers will recall that I’m a Sirius fan from way back, have never been very impressed with the music of XM and didn’t hold out [...]

Google 2001 to Sarah Palin – who are you?

This amuses me. Google’s throwback search engine they’re rolled out to celebrate their 10th birthday – Google 2001 – is a great way to see how the world was viewed a scant 7.5 years ago. What I had to check out was the engine’s view on our current Presidential tickets. “Barack Obama” tells the tale [...]

SEC schedule iPhone app – now with 12 teams!

Gearing up for the Auburn game this weekend, I wanted to make sure I had a good way to check scores on my iPhone. So I headed over to the iTunes store. Browsing around the Sports apps, I saw this awesome SEC Football Schedule app with a key update for version 2.0: And only a [...]

The odd existence of

Three weeks ago, word came out that Scott Rabalais, the veteran LSU beat writer for The Advocate (The Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) was leaving the paper to join an unknown outfit called At the time, was little more than a “coming soon” page. As the football season crept closer [...]

Google Suggest and the Presidential candidates

As an adjunct to something else I’m working up, there are some interesting dynamics that come up when you start looking at how Google Suggest views the Presidential candidates and their running mates. Putting in the first names (presumably one would start a search for a candidate by putting in their name) of the four [...]

How to be a piss-poor blogger

So I subscribe to an RSS feed on that is the writings of some guy named Kevin Donahue. I think this guy must be an LSU blogger or something – I don’t always recall why I add something to RSS. So, anyway, this morning there’s a piece in my RSS called 15 must-haves for [...]

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