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Oh listen to the little children – they’re rejoicing!

Congress has reached a compromise deal that will extend daylight-saving time in what is questionably being thought of as a way to save energy. Yeah, whatever. It means a month more of after-work sunshine, which is all fine by me. But I love this quote from Sen. Fred Upton on the fact that Halloween will [...]

A duct tape party gone awry, perhaps?

From The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning – an autopsy has shown that an LSU student found dead in his apartment with “strips of duct tape on his head” died of asphyxiation. Now, the story doesn”t say to what part of his head the aforementioned duct tape was [...]

On the London bombings

Real quick, because this isn”t hard to understand: In the wake of today”s subway bombings in London, CNN is focusing on how this attack could happen when England is supposedly so well-prepared for terrorism and what U.S. cities are doing to improve transit security. The fact is – you can”t stop this kind of thing. [...]


I dig technology. That”s no secret. But employing technology to solve a problem – just because the technology exists – when there”s a simple, logical, low-tech solution available is just stupid. For example, if the wife asks me if it”s raining, I”m not going to fire up the Mac Mini and pull up the Doppler [...]

The Cap’ns Business Wisdom

My minting yesterday of “The Coffee-mate Principle” in relation to Jack FM makes this a good time to review the Wisdom of Cap”n Ken”s Business Principles. All of you up-and-comers in the world of business pay attention, now. – The Mail Machine Principle: Do not reveal your ability to perform a task unless you are [...]

But how did she handle it when her Sam’s manager screwed her out of overtime pay?

Say you”re a college student. Say you”re not getting such good grades. Say this makes your mom unhappy and she stops paying your tuition. What do you do? Hmm. Maybe run off to Kentucky without telling anybody and get a job at Sam”s Club? Fantastic. The ultimate “fuck you” to parents who are giving you [...]

NEW! Camel Short-n-Squats

CNN has been giving play this morning to a story slugged Cigarette makers targeted women which contains the shocking fact that tobacco companies “designed cigarettes to appeal to women”s desires to be thin and healthy.” This strategy led to the development of “slim” smokes as well as emphasis on “light” brands in the hopes of [...]

Note to Hyundai re: Sirius vs. XM

Sure, many of the whopping 400 customers you surveyed said they were “not comfortable” with having Howard Stern”s show lurking deep within their satellite radio system. But that doesn”t change the fact that XM”s programming absolutely sucks compared to Sirius”. And if your company actually makes decisions this big based on feedback of some number [...]

Faux accessories for your faux-sophisticated self

The former owner of our house got catalogs from an outfit called Frontgate, which apparently specializes in helping newly-rich people feel like they”re from old-money families. The catalogs kept coming to the house after we moved in, and I have to admit – I bought something from them. What I bought is actually pretty cool, [...]

Coffee-mate Half and Half: A Rant

So Coffee-mate has started making actual half and half in addition to their standard line of fake creamers. To the makers of Coffee-mate, I say – simply – fuck you. For the past 45 years, you”ve worked tirelessly to replace pure dairy half and half with that hideous concoction of “corn syrup solids” you created [...]

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