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Hard to have sympathy …

It turns out that St. Louis Cardinals” pitcher Josh Hancock had a blood alcohol level of 0.157, wasn”t wearing a seatbelt and may have been talking on his cellphone when he killed himself by slamming into the back of a tow truck going 68 miles per hour (in a 55 zone). That”s a whole lot [...]

Tornadoes are horrible … and insignificant

The tornadoes that ripped through suburban Nashville Friday did some pretty bad damage – in my wife”s hometown and along a path near where just about all of her extended family lives. That big church that was “destroyed” (note to the news media – the church wasn”t destroyed; its face was just ripped off) is [...]

Lie. Cheat. Steal.

I don”t know how Mardi Gras will end up shaking out for New Orleans this year – hopefully it”ll hit the reduced expectations and show tourism to be viable down there again – but the season ending at the six-month mark after Katrina makes it a good time to think about the city moving from [...]

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices – The Big Point Missed

The wife and I just watched WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Prices, the much-acclaimed documentary about everybody”s favorite corporate bully. What a supreme waste of an opportunity. Heavy on emotion, light on facts and completely devoid of analysis, the film surely painted Wal-Mart as a bad player – and it is. The company uses [...]

The state of bigotry

Judging from my conversation with a good-ole-boy exterminator today, Georgia rednecks have mostly adjusted to using the word “blacks” – rather than their former chosen derogatory term – when talking about “all the blacks around here” with a complete stranger. However, they still don”t seem to have a problem using Asian slurs – such as [...]

Executive pay disclosure rules

It looks like the SEC (The Securities & Exchange Commission, not the NCAA”s best conference) may push ahead with this plan to require “total cost” disclosures for public company executives. The idea here is that requiring public companies to declare a single, total compensation number for its executives will somehow keep executive pay in check. [...]

Greedy old bitch

The AJC is running the story (presented in full below because the AJC requires readers to register with a fake email address before they”ll display their content) today of an old woman in Buckhead who was swindled out of $773,081. Basically, she ran into a couple who said they had an assload of cash they”d [...]


Thanks to John for sending this along. I like it.

Somebody at ESPN actually knows USC didn’t win the national championship in 2003?

On the eve of the BCS National Championship game, part of the ESPN establishment is actually recognizing today that USC will not be a “three-peat” champion if they beat Texas tomorrow night. “LSU won the title two years ago. It”s disingenuous, it”s cheap and it”s a marketing ploy to try to call this thing a [...]

Credit cards are not evil

I have to take Carol Costello to task for something she said on CNN”s American Morning today. Following a story on credit card spending this holiday season, she made this statement: “It”s always good when people don”t use credit cards.” What a load of horseshit. I have to assume that her statement comes from the [...]

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