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Dirty Jobs in New Orleans

Mike Rowe didn”t have a hard time finding some really vile work in this week”s episode of Dirty Jobs, because he spent the whole show in New Orleans. He rode with the rodent and mosquito abatement crews, highlighting the issue of non-human life that”s thriving in a very disturbing way. Most interesting was how they [...]

A Year

One year ago this morning, I was at work trying to get information on Hurricane Katrina as the storm came ashore. I knew the Mississippi coast – and particularly Waveland and Bay Saint Louis – were getting hammered, but there was little real-time information coming out. Then the wife sent me a link over AIM. [...]

Highly recommended

I”m just 200 pages into Douglas Brinkley”s The Great Deluge, but it”s already clear this is essential reading for anyone who wants to really understand what happened in New Orleans and Mississippi before, during and after Katrina.

You should all read this

Yet another example of the problems New Orleans faces trying to get back on its feet. CALL OUT THE GUARD

Movin on up

Really longtime readers of The Wisdom will recall that nearly three years ago I predicted big things for my pal Dave and his cohorts in The Imagination Movers. I really haven”t mentioned much here about it, but things are really moving for the Movers these days. Namely, a music and TV deal with Disney that [...]

Even more good news for New Orleans!

Just 269 short days after the Katrina-inspired levee failures, Humana Health Benefit Plan of Louisiana will re-open its Metairie office this Thursday. Back in only nine months? Well done. It”s a good thing the office wasn”t somewhere that actually got damaged, I guess. And it”s just 30 short days until the first semi-big convention returns [...]

Hate to say I told you so

Actually, I don”t at all hate to say I told you so; I was just listening to The Hives on the flight home today. But loyal readers of The Wisdom will recall that back in December I suggested FEMA has no business managing the housing needs of those displaced by Katrina and the levee failures [...]

I’m not saying New Orleans is normal …

But these were great things to see and ingest down there this weekend: Franky & Johnny”s Roast Beef Poboy Hubig”s Pies Those things look great even by the light of a Treo camera lens.

More good news for New Orleans!

Just 242 short days after the Katrina-inspired levee failures, Dickie Brennan”s Steakhouse has reopened. In just under eight months, New Orleans” (maybe the world”s?) most powerful family of restrauteurs has managed to get 7 of their 10 NOLA restaurants back up and running. Sometime next month, Brennan”s is expected to reopen, and Commander”s Palace should [...]

Now that’s commitment …

New Orleans” cultural luminaries have stepped up in the wake of the post-Katrina levee failures to help preserve the heritage of a city where heritage matters most. Harry Connick Jr. and Branford Marsalis have spearheaded the Musicians” Village Habitat project; Wynton Marsalis gave the city “Congo Square”; honorary New Orleanian Harry Anderson has turned his [...]

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