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If Katrina Happened Five Years Later

Today we’re marking the fifth anniversary of Katrina devastating the Mississippi coast and exposing the criminal inadequacy of the federal levees in New Orleans. And most of the focus is on how far the region has come in five years. But what’s on my mind today is how different the communication, media and information experience [...]

TechCrunch rant about ‘CNN’ Phelps ‘spoiler’ on Twitter goes haywire

One of the great things about an RSS client is that once it grabs a published article, it hangs on to it. If you make changes later, the first thing you published will disappear from your site, but not my client if it passed by before the change. If you change the title of a [...]

The Longest Street View in the World

Google has released Street View for New Orleans and Baton Rouge (including a really wide swath of southeast Louisiana – I wouldn’t have thought my sister’s place or my ex-inlaws’ place would be there), and the company and the state are touting this release as a positive infotool in post-Katrina Louisiana. OK, fair enough. And [...]

More good news for New Orleans

Just 977 short days after the city was flooded by the failure of federal levees, UNO”s Lakefront Arena will re-open next May with a Disney High School Musical / Ice Extravaganza. See, Katrina wasn”t that bad.

Semi-endorsed: Special LSU uniforms for Tulane game

It”s hard not to get behind the charitable/awareness effort by Nike being organized for the LSU/Tulane game in New Orleans this weekend. The city can use the attention, and the Tigers playing the Greenies in NOLA is a great opportunity for that. The big deal, of course, is Nike mucking around with LSU”s fantastic, “look [...]

Alton Brown disappoints me

As loyal readers of The Wisdom know, I”m a big fan of Alton Brown and Good Eats (although the current season is kind of disappointing. Whole fish? No thanks. Didn”t even watch that episode). And I enjoyed the heck out of the first season of Feasting on Asphalt, Alton”s motorcycle tour / eating show. But [...]

Imagination Movers videos on Disney

It”s good to see my buddy Dave and the Imagination Movers getting another step closer to kid rock (not Kid Rock) superstardom with the debut of a new set of videos on Playhouse Disney. The videos are a precursor to the TV show in development with Disney, and the Mouse influence is evident with slicker [...]

Please calm down about Google Maps in New Orleans

If there was any doubt that Google”s new position in the mindset of America is “rich whipping boy”, that”s been clearly shown in the past few days of this “Google thinks Katrina never happened” crap. For those of you too caught up in the endless sea of lame April Fools” stories online, here”s the skinny [...]

Love New Orleans? Visit New Orleans

I”m not going to say much about the ambulance-chasing talking hairdo exploiting New Orleans today for his own political gain – except this: you want a photo op of you “helping” New Orleans? There are bigger things to tackle than spreading dirt for a patio, shithead. Put on some coveralls and a mask and get [...]

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