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CNBC’s Mark Haines on ‘one-sided crap’

From Squawk On The Street this morning – awesome flip-out by host Mark Haines over a Republican consultant’s answer to a question on trickle-down economics. Long form: Short form focusing on the kicker line – “I find that one-sided crap insulting”. Right on, Haines. And it’s both sides. When is the media going to get [...]

Nice Time/Newsweek matching cover thing on UCLA win

Noticed this (looking for new polls …) just now on and Yahoo Sports: It’s nice to see new media picking up the habits of old media, but unlike Time & Newsweek, somebody could actually change a headline or picture if they cared about this me-tooism. I suppose they don’t.

TechCrunch rant about ‘CNN’ Phelps ‘spoiler’ on Twitter goes haywire

One of the great things about an RSS client is that once it grabs a published article, it hangs on to it. If you make changes later, the first thing you published will disappear from your site, but not my client if it passed by before the change. If you change the title of a [...]

McCain rocks the Fudge Haus

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. At roughly the same time Barack Obama was addressing thousands of enchanted Germans in Berlin: John McCain was also courting the German goodwill in Columbus, Ohio. And while CNN chose to carry Obama’s speech live, they gave equal time to McCain by showing a delayed tape [...]

Musburger on CFL? No, no, no, no, no!

Apparently today is the day when ESPN rolls out the full-time edition of College Football Live for the season. So my long-dormant DVR timer for it fired off at 6 p.m. Eastern, and what do I get? F*cking Brent Musburger hosting???? Please, God, don’t let this be. Musburger is the guy who makes me turn [...]

CNN’s half-assed HD

A couple of months ago, Dish Network flipped the switch and turned on a bunch more HD channels, including CNN HD. And I’m guessing Dish is one of the few TV providers carrying CNN HD, because the network is totally half-assing their HD broadcasting. The only things actually broadcast in HD are the CNN programs [...]

Least-surprising outcome ever

From The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) Motorcyclist dies in solo wreck Friday A motorcyclist traveling with no helmet and no headlights down a dark highway was killed late Friday when he ran off the road and was ejected from his bike, said a State Police news release. Herman R. [...]

AJC: Fast-pass security lines are “so-called ‘Lexus lanes’” because we call them that

You have to love The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Dying a slow death as the market it serves grows rapidly, the AJC editors can’t help but deride the people in metro Atlanta who should be their target audience. Case in point is a story in today’s paper about a pilot program at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport that may [...]

Microsoft / Yahoo – glad to see it’s (maybe) over

So last night Microsoft officially bailed on its offer to buy Yahoo. Jerry’s kids stuck to their guns on acceptable pricing and scared Ballmer away from a proxy fight with talk of a Google alliance. Well done, I say. The only thing that would have made sense about this acquisition was a really big premium [...]

Link targeting, the “rules”, and the experience

I’ve been tinkering around with things on my new WordPress install, and one of the tweaks I just rolled out was changing the default behavior of the “link” button in my post editor to add ‘target=”new”‘ to the end of URLs I’m linking to. Simple enough tweak (look for quicktags.js in your wp-includes/js directory, kids), [...]

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