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If Katrina Happened Five Years Later

Today we’re marking the fifth anniversary of Katrina devastating the Mississippi coast and exposing the criminal inadequacy of the federal levees in New Orleans. And most of the focus is on how far the region has come in five years. But what’s on my mind today is how different the communication, media and information experience [...]

Big Ten – The CMT of CFB

The talk of Big Ten expansion and the expected ripple effect through major college football is inescapable this off season. The presumed dominance an expanded Big Ten apparently would claim has forced every university president and athletic director – from the heavyweights to the barely existent – to ponder what Big Ten expansion means to [...]

The Quotable Les Miles

I just put the wraps on an amusing (to me, at least) new Bet-R Sites project – The Quotable Les Miles. As you might have guessed, the site features quotes from LSU head football coach Les Miles. If you don’t follow LSU football, the concept probably won’t make much sense to you. But if you’re [...]

Controversy sells newspapers

Pretty amazing, even for their standards. The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) harps all over the interception denied Patrick Peterson in its post-game coverage of LSU / Alabama today but had not a word – literally, not a single word – about the other blown opportunity LSU had to get [...]

My LSU beef this morning isn’t with the team

Whether it’s homerism or incompetence, there’s a narrative being laid out by The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) about last night’s LSU / Auburn game that’s just frustratingly wrong. This isn’t a criticism of the Tigers, who I think played an excellent game last night. It’s a criticism of LSU’s [...]

U-verse in Atlanta: An early review

As of this morning, our household is fully up and running with AT&T’s U-verse TV and Internet service. This after having been an ardent supporter and customer of Dish Network for nine years. I didn’t fall out of love with Dish. In a number of ways, U-verse TV is a step backward from what I [...]

Sirius music channels win in XM merger

Word is leaking out about what the XM lineup will look like in a post-merger world. Supposedly the switch is going to be flipped on this very soon. Loyal Wisdom readers will recall that I’m a Sirius fan from way back, have never been very impressed with the music of XM and didn’t hold out [...]

Why does CNN shrink my TV by 50% on Election Day?

For all that CNN has done well this campaign season (and they’ve done a lot well), it’s insanely annoying that they jam the screen up with all sorts of things that aren’t why I am watching and actually shrink the size of “CNN” itself by 50%. They’ve got this marginally useful area to the right [...]

Great moments in exaggeration

I try my best not to visit (the hideous web design offends my sensibilities), but I do subscribe to the site’s feeds (which also sucks, because stories are repeated over and over in the feed) because Scott Rabalais does remain a good source of LSU info. And I clicked over this evening to read [...]

The odd existence of

Three weeks ago, word came out that Scott Rabalais, the veteran LSU beat writer for The Advocate (The Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) was leaving the paper to join an unknown outfit called At the time, was little more than a “coming soon” page. As the football season crept closer [...]

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