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LSU / SEC Week 11 Picks

After its week in the spotlight, LSU takes a backseat to the real action in the SEC this week. There’s really not much that needs to be said about playing La. Tech, except that answers to the health of Jordan Jefferson and Charles Scott’s backups will be answered. LSU 45 – 13 Elsewhere in the [...]

It’s official: Nike screwing with LSU uniforms

Well, it looks like my beloved LSU Tigers are about to be caught up in the big-money marketing push of Nike and roll out “futuristic” uniforms for the Arkansas game Nov. 28. —- UPDATE 3: The LSU Nike uniforms in their full abominable glory. UPDATE 2: More details on the uniform design from Nike. UPDATE [...]

Controversy sells newspapers

Pretty amazing, even for their standards. The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) harps all over the interception denied Patrick Peterson in its post-game coverage of LSU / Alabama today but had not a word – literally, not a single word – about the other blown opportunity LSU had to get [...]

LSU / Alabama: The Judgment

There will, no doubt, be a lot of griping by LSU fans about the blown call on Patrick Peterson’s 4th-quarter interception. And it’s pretty clear that was a bad call. But if that call would have marked the last best chance LSU had to win this game (and it would have), it’s important to focus [...]

LSU / Alabama Preview & SEC Week 10 Picks

If LSU is to pull an upset in Tuscaloosa Saturday, a different Tiger offense is going to need to be on the field. Not so different in personnel, but far different in ideology. LSU is not going to be successful pounding out a ground game against Alabama. The Tide has held six of its eight [...]

LSU / SEC Week 9 Recap

I’ll save any lessons learned from LSU / Tulane for the Alabama preview, but suffice it to say 42-0 is a very acceptable result. The Greenies had no ground game to speak of (54 positive yards; 26 net) and were held nicely in check through the air. Though Tulane went 26 for 37 through the [...]

LSU / SEC Week 9 Picks

As I said in the wrap-up from last week, I think No. 9 LSU needs to use the Tulane game as a final tune-up for Alabama a week from now. Call that “looking past”, but it’s more about taking advantage of a situation to continue working on pressing needs. Tulane is not good. They stand [...]

LSU / SEC Week 8 Recap

I’m trying hard to avoid feeling really good about No. 9 LSU after the thorough spanking the Tigers put on Auburn last Saturday. As I mentioned before, this is a deeply-flawed Auburn team. But while the 31-10 win over the War Eagles wasn’t some landmark victory for LSU, that game and others set up an [...]

My LSU beef this morning isn’t with the team

Whether it’s homerism or incompetence, there’s a narrative being laid out by The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) about last night’s LSU / Auburn game that’s just frustratingly wrong. This isn’t a criticism of the Tigers, who I think played an excellent game last night. It’s a criticism of LSU’s [...]

LSU / SEC Week 8 Picks

The Tigers are back in action (if you can call it that) against the War Eagles of East Alabama Male College this Saturday. LSU stands at 5-1 on a one-game losing streak; Auburn at 5-2 on a two-game losing streak. But there is a giant perception gap between the two teams. LSU has a human [...]

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