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Wow, Rabalais leaving The Advocate to be a blogger

Scott Rabalais, a longtime sportswriter for The Advocate (The Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) is jumping ship from the print world to the web world, going to work as a blogger for, part of an ESPN-associated startup network of sports blogs. Man, what has this world come to? I went to [...]

LSU fans smell like corndogs – and other thoughts

Outside of Louisiana (because nobody who lives there seems to know about this), the phrase “LSU fans smell like corndogs” appears to be gaining some traction. Apparently this was started by an Auburn fan visiting Baton Rouge a few years back, and I guess it”s supposed to be the Auburn equivalent of UGA fans saying [...]

Alton Brown disappoints me

As loyal readers of The Wisdom know, I”m a big fan of Alton Brown and Good Eats (although the current season is kind of disappointing. Whole fish? No thanks. Didn”t even watch that episode). And I enjoyed the heck out of the first season of Feasting on Asphalt, Alton”s motorcycle tour / eating show. But [...]

Please calm down about Google Maps in New Orleans

If there was any doubt that Google”s new position in the mindset of America is “rich whipping boy”, that”s been clearly shown in the past few days of this “Google thinks Katrina never happened” crap. For those of you too caught up in the endless sea of lame April Fools” stories online, here”s the skinny [...]

A Tiger we don’t need

I”m not one to discourage people from being fans of LSU. Quite the contrary. In fact, I”m still hoping some young lady comes along who can do for LSU what Ashley Judd did for Kentucky: Yum. Anyway, I was more than a little upset to see today”s “K-Fed holds Britney”s baby!” picture making the rounds: [...]

Not that I don’t like Florida …

But this is the kind of track I”d like to see all storms that make their way into the Gulf of Mexico taking this year: Evacuate Tampa now!!!

Simply stunned

I was going to write some about LSU”s big-time (for a second time) win yesterday here in Atlanta; give you all fun tidbits from the Georgia Dome like how my buddy Dave called me right after the game and asked what was up with Big Baby being all pissed off at the end of the [...]


J.J. Redick – you missed 15 shots? Holy smokes. Better luck next year – when you”re a marginal NBA draft pick. Geaux Tigers! Yes, I was there – thanks TCL!

… because they did everything else so well

FEMA offers help with evacuation planning. Correct me if I”m wrong, Louisianians, but wasn”t the mass evacuation (for those who chose to leave) about the only thing about the Katrina situation that went relatively well? And didn”t that happen before FEMA even showed up?

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