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Credit due Leslie on Jones transfer

I throw a lot of crap the way of one Leslie Miles, and I make no apologies for that. But I call ‘em like I see ‘em, and I think Miles has demonstrated very questionable decision making and judgment in his tenure at LSU. I like what I’m seeing and hearing coming out of the [...]

Chavis hire and Chicken Biscuit Bowl preview

I’m looking forward to the Peach-fil-A Bowl tomorrow for one reason – it’s the end of this season. They tell me no national champion has even gone on the next year to lose five conference games. It’s an LSU season to forget, and I’ll be very happy to forget it. Since closing out the season [...]

SEC Week 14 Recap

Late? You bet. There’s really no point in rehashing LSU’s humiliation at the hands of Arkansas. I began the process of forgetting that game and this season as soon as the game ended. All LSU fans can hope for now is that Les Miles will be suitably smacked down by his A.D. and Chancellor to [...]

LSU in Chick-fil-A bowl will be bad news

With the SEC Championship Game showdown this weekend most likely producing both a participant in the BCS Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl, bowl projections are falling out thusly: The Capital One Bowl gets first pick among non-BCS SEC schools, which means the third-best team (plus factors of which fan base will travel to the [...]

SEC Week 13 Recap

Do I want to say much more about LSU getting their cocks handed to them by Ole Miss? Not really. And I’d really appreciate my DVR ignoring future replays of the game on that CBS College Sports channel. But the upside of this total collapse by the Tigers is that others are starting to question [...]

Ole Miss humiliates LSU – the big questions

I can take a loss. They happen. I can also take a disappointing season – they also happen. But what I have a hard time accepting is stupidity. It’s becoming clear that LSU is full of stupidity, and I think it’s on the sideline. There are three big questions that come to mind following LSU’s [...]

SEC Week 13 Predictions

Following the “historic” comeback by LSU against Troy – yes, it still was Troy – the Tigers are at a late-season crossroad. With Ole Miss coming to town this week and a trip to Arkansas set for the day after Thanksgiving, LSU has the opportunity to learn from the Troy game and finish strong, or [...]

LSU comeback on Troy – the Tiger offense

OK, so the last bit I feel compelled to add about the “historic” LSU comeback against Troy is how the Tigers managed to come back from 28 down in the middle of the third quarter. The comeback was remarkable in how unremarkable LSU’s offense was in making it happen. Yes, Jarrett Lee made some good [...]

Troy’s offense and the art of stealing signals

I really don’t care to say a whole lot more about LSU’s pathetic game last night against Troy, but the Chicago Tribune gets the headline right: LSU’s big rally holds off … Troy? (tip thanks to extraface). There’s nothing heroic about getting yourself into such a hole against a patsy team that you almost can’t [...]

It was TROY, for fucksake

Admittedly, TigerVision is not the place for deep, rational analysis. But this notion of “the greatest comeback in LSU football history” has to be put to rest real quickly as it relates to the Tigers’ 40-31 win over Troy. We came back and won this game because we were playing Troy. The question is – [...]

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