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The Quotable Les Miles

I just put the wraps on an amusing (to me, at least) new Bet-R Sites project – The Quotable Les Miles. As you might have guessed, the site features quotes from LSU head football coach Les Miles. If you don’t follow LSU football, the concept probably won’t make much sense to you. But if you’re [...]

I have to defend Les Miles on something

LSU head coach Les Miles has come under a lot of scrutiny in the past three days because of his inexplicable mismanagement of the final minute in LSU’s loss to Ole Miss Saturday. And that scrutiny is well-deserved. Miles has a history of questionable and poor game management during his tenure at LSU. It’s infuriated [...]

LSU’s Nike Pro Combat uniforms – the full abomination

Nike is set to unveil the next worst moment in LSU football history today. And though they can’t top Les Miles’ performance in the last minute of the Ole Miss game, they come sort of close. I give you the LSU Nike Pro Combat uniform in all its abominable glory: So let’s break this ugly [...]

LSU / Ole Miss: The Judgment

If Les Miles could change the outcome of one play in LSU’s loss to Ole Miss, it might be his Tigers’ onside kick in the final minute. If Dexter McCluster grabs the ball instead of jumping away from it, Leslie would only be facing questions about his team’s performance from late in the second quarter [...]

LSU / SEC Week 11 Recap

I’ve not been in much of a hurry to recap LSU’s win over La. Tech because there’s really not a lot to say. Amazingly poor offensive performance – only 3-7 New Mexico State has put up fewer yards against Tech than the Tigers (Nicholls St. managed to put up 28 more yards than LSU) – [...]

It’s official: Nike screwing with LSU uniforms

Well, it looks like my beloved LSU Tigers are about to be caught up in the big-money marketing push of Nike and roll out “futuristic” uniforms for the Arkansas game Nov. 28. —- UPDATE 3: The LSU Nike uniforms in their full abominable glory. UPDATE 2: More details on the uniform design from Nike. UPDATE [...]

LSU / SEC Week 1 Recap

This trip out to Washington to play the Huskies was a real novelty; not a thing about it was normal for LSU football. So it’s a little tough to put much of an emphasis on what went down. Just like you’re not often going to be at an LSU game where good tailgates are hard [...]

SEC Football Week 1 Picks

Well hot damn. We’re about to start playing some football. Week one in the SEC features a Thursday night game, a Sunday afternoon game and an indoor game on a neutral field. The Dome Opener I can live with, but I still hate seeing the SEC’s march of acceptance of non-Saturday games. But anyhow … [...]

An all-encompassing college football preview

Typically, I put up a number of posts about my impressions and predictions for college football in general, the SEC East, the SEC West and LSU in the weeks leading up to the season. Obviously that shant be the case this year. So as the days peel away before the season kicks off Thursday, I’ll [...]

The scariest prospect for LSU’s season

After a really unpleasant 2008 season, Les Miles set about casting the demons of last year away. Using his superb H.R. skills, he made his idiotic decision to not have a defensive coordinator fade away by finding his minions other jobs and bringing John Chavis in from Tennessee. And he embraced the political reality that [...]

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