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The gay marriage thing

I don”t often get into the “big issues” Americans are talking about, except when I see a good opportunity to mock and poke fun. But the reaction to this “gay marriage” ruling up in Massachusetts has really pissed me off. I could rant on about this for a long, long time. But this blog isn”t [...]

Thank you, Jesus, for keeping the Red Sox alive

After hitting the game-winning, elimination-stopping, 11th-inning home run at Fenway Park last night, Boston”s Trot Nixon explained what happened to ESPN”s Gary Miller: “I went to the plate asking the Lord to just calm my nerves … I told him to just calm my nerves and allow me to honor Him out there on the [...]

Pray for the Pope

Seems Pope John Paul II may be nearing the end of the road here on Earth: More concern about Pope”s health One of the Vatican Cardinals was quoted as saying: “He is in a bad way. We should pray for the pope.” I”m not much for Catholic prayer, so how about a cheer instead? Go, [...]

Another Boy For Jesus

OK, I don”t try to be completely anti-”Christian” here, these things just seem to find me. Case in point: I was looking at LSU”s official site today to see whether a big Tiger freshman – QB JaMarcus Russell – is active, redshirted, or whatever. So I find his profile page (which is not particularly helpful), [...]

Will Jesus do it for 5%?

I got home last night to find a flyer in the kitchen door from a “hood Realtor. Seems the “For Sale By Owner” sign in our yard attracts enterprising agents looking for business. Can”t knock the effort, although the best opportunity marketing I have encountered was the mortgage broker who tried to give me his [...]

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