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Why I question McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin

It’s not because McCain stands a good chance of dying in office and turning the most powerful nation in the world over to a woman who two years ago had only been mayor of a town of 8,800. It’s not that even now she governs a population only roughly the size of Charlotte. No, it’s [...]

Driven to murder by Christian hardcore?

Of course this David Ludwig kid – the 18-year-old Christian homeschooler accused of killing the parents of the 14-year-old Christian homeschooler he”d been fucking – had a blog. And on that blog, he writes about a band called Project 86, which Beliefnet characterizes as “Christian hardcore”. Just over a month ago David apparently went to [...]

Question for the father of Brennan Hawkins

The parents of the kid who went missing (and turned up alive yesterday) out in Utah were live on CNN this afternoon talking about the ordeal. And the dad laid out what he told Brennan after he was found alive (love that DVR): “You know what, Brennan? Heavenly Father has taken care of you. And [...]

Of course, Jesus hates you – or at least your kickers

Bobby Bowden, head football coach at the Florida State College For Women, is on a Crusade to make saving boys for Jesus a more acceptable aspect of major college football. Of course, we all know Bowden has had tremendous success instilling solid Chrisian values in all of his players. Here”s hoping Bobby B can help [...]

A Catholic who believes in Catholicism?

I love that there”s controversy circling around Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the pick-a-pope conclave gets underway in the Vatican. Ratzinger”s comments about “a dictatorship of relativism” is coming under fire from some Catholics as being – apparently – too Catholic. What the good Cardinal said, in effect, is that Catholics should follow Catholicism. You know, [...]

The Gauntlet II, starring Eric Robert Rudolph

There”s a great Hollywood-type event that”s going to be played out in Alabama and Georgia today. The Feds have to get pissed-off Christian bomber Eric Robert Rudolph from a Birmingham courthouse to one here in Atlanta (so he can cop pleas to his bombings), and then back to his cell in Birmingham. John Law fears [...]

Those wonderful Christians

IMAX theaters in the Carolinas, Georgia and Texas have decided not to show the film Volcanoes of the Deep Sea because it makes references to the connection between human DNA and those of undersea microbes. There were no protests (that I”m aware of); there was no outrage by Jesus freaks. The theaters apparently decided that [...]

More tsunami poll results

CNN / USA Today / Gallop

God (doesn’t) work in mysterious ways

The Atlanta news has been dominated over the past couple of days by this home-invasion / double-murder story from Lilburn. A beloved Tucker High School coach and his son (a student at the school) were shot by some fucknut who broke in to their house. The only good news is that said fucknut was then [...]

The Right Reverend Howard Dean

Politics ain”t my thing here at the Wisdom – and neither is religion (in the sense of “religion is good”), but the stories coming about about asshat Howard Dean”s plan to talk up Jesus in the South compells me to mock. Dean, of course, is a politician. And politicians, of course, will say and do [...]

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