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Georgia town spends half its annual budget to drive out business

The town of Lavonia in extreme northeast Georgia is making news today for spending $1 million to buy and close a strip club called Cafe Risque that the town has been trying to shut down for years. A million bucks, I suppose, is the market price for self-righteous indignation that a business you don’t approve [...]

Poon Fight – Better Late Than Never

From last Thursday’s Oregon / Arizona game, a nice poon fight captured in the stands by ESPN. Slowed to 1/15th speed with blow-by-blow account and set to Loretta Lynn & Jack White’s “Portland, Oregon” (Yes, I know the University of Oregon is in some city that’s not Portland – song just works great with the [...]

Interesting terms of service at

I”m pretty fascinated by the fact that a huge stash of Paris Hilton”s private photos, videos, diaries, etc. have been turned into a gawker/porn site after being auctioned off to settle a mini-storage bill. Talk about the perfect marriage of celebrity obsession and technology. And surely lots will be written about all this. But what [...]

So it’s a big deal, then?

I get that landing the first post-baby interview with Angelina Jolie is a big deal in TV “news” land. And promoting the inteview certainly makes sense: But Jesus has CNN gone overboard on this. They”ve been running little teaser clips all through the day since at least last Thursday promoting Anderson Cooper”s big catch (Larry [...]

Misty Champagne

I”ll admit I haven”t followed LSU basketball all that closely this year. It”s just a lot of work to keep up with basketball season from 500 miles away. And because I watched the Duke and Texas games live, I was completely unaware of what”s apparently become a CBS obsession with coach John Brady”s wife. In [...]

Come fall in love with Louisiana all over again

The state of Louisiana has launched a new ad campaign to promote tourism in the post-Katrina world. Unfortunately, the state has no money (well, they have $7 million, which is essentially no money in advertising terms) to really market New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana right now, so The Wisdom is pitching in by [...]


If you”re the super-cool type who has Flickr slideshows running on your desktop through the Google Desktop Sidebar or – if you”re a extra-super-cool Mac user – Tickr for Flickr, it”s not a great idea to run the neworleans tag at work this time of year. But at home … it”s quite fun.

Even the cool places are lame

I”m beginning to figure out that HDNet is largely a platform to show off hot chicks. Of course, Get Out! is a staple of the DVR and if you check out the HDNet schedule, you”ll notice a lot of things like “Bikini Destinations”, “Hawaiian Tropic Viva El Springbreak” and “A Caribbean Workout 2003″. I wholeheartedly [...]

Miss America missed America

The wife and I sat down to watch Miss America last night – mostly so I could ogle the hot ones and we could both make fun of the horsey, cockeyed, big-foreheaded and otherwise less-than-perfect ones. When the cut went from 10 to 5 (sadly eliminating Miss Florida, who we”d hoped to see in the [...]

HDTV’s killer app

Sure, I”m looking forward to watching the Rose Bowl in HD tonight; I”ve started to watch Letterman again because it”s somehow better in high-def; and just about everything on Discovery HD Theater is interesting because of all those pixels. But nothing – nothing – currently being broadcast in HD is a better use of the [...]

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