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Inman Park Properties Update

The big news in EAV today is that the Homeless Hovel – aka 462 Flat Shoals Avenue – owned by Inman Park Properties has finally been torn down. Just six short years after buying one of the biggest eyesores in East Atlanta – rivaled by the John B. Gordon School, of course (another Inman Park [...]

Inman Park Properties update

As we put a cap on 2006, a quick update on progress Inman Park Properties is making on their holdings in East Atlanta. Jeff Notrica has farmed out clean-up and maintenance to Jason Howard, who bought East Atlanta Ace Hardware earlier this year (Notrica owns the Ace property and apparently also owns part of the [...]

Jeff Notrica / Inman Park Properties update

With an update due from Inman Park Properties at tomorrow night”s EACA meeting, the gang (not me, I was out of town) went out to check on the “progress” on Jeff Notrica”s properties Saturday. Observations from The EAV Buzz crowd: Well, we did our follow up tour of Inman Park Properties properties for the punch [...]

Jeff Notrica makes a promise

Word on the street is that Inman Park Properties head guy Jeff Notrica spent a good part of today chatting about East Atlanta issues with those people who matter in the EACA and business community. Promises were made. Generally speaking, from what I understand Notrica agreed that he has issues with some of his properties [...]

A tour of Jeff Notrica’s East Atlanta

As I”ve mentioned before, there”s a man named Jeff Notrica who owns an awful lot of commercial property in the East Atlanta Village. Mr. Notrica has a development company named Inman Park Properties and through that company and various LLCs he controls more than two dozen commercial properties, many of which are currently vacant. At [...]

Jeff Notrica and Inman Park Properties

This won”t be of interest to most loyal Wisdom readers, but there”s a lot of discussion going on in East Atlanta these days about Jeff Notrica and Inman Park Properties. Notrica, through Inman Park Properties and a number of LLCs he controls, owns a lot of commercial property in East Atlanta and appears to be [...]

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