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U-verse in Atlanta: An early review

As of this morning, our household is fully up and running with AT&T’s U-verse TV and Internet service. This after having been an ardent supporter and customer of Dish Network for nine years. I didn’t fall out of love with Dish. In a number of ways, U-verse TV is a step backward from what I [...]

Jeff Notrica’s empire – crumbling?

I’ve written a fair bit about Jeff Notrica and his properties here in East Atlanta. A quick recap since it’s been a while – Notrica is the owner of an outfit called Inman Park Properties, and through it and a bunch of other LLCs he owns a substantial chunk of our commercial Village. His holdings [...]

Demarcus Buice denied bond, makes awesome apology

This is a bit of a cross-post from Live For Buzz (still building juice there), but it was a big day for Buzzers down at DeKalb Magistrate Court. The short story (see Live For Buzz for details) is that there is a local perp named Demarcus Buice who is charged with four burglaries and suspected [...]

What the tornado brought

As most of you know, a big wind blew through Atlanta a week ago Friday. The tornado that left F2-level damage Downtown and F0-F1 damage here in East Atlanta thankfully passed about a quarter-mile north of me, so we suffered no damage. Our yard, however, was littered with all sorts of mysterious debris. Inspecting for [...]

Jeff Notrica gets a tax-sale date

I reported back in May that the 2006 property taxes owed on East Atlanta parcels owned by Inman Park Properties and various Jeff Notrica entities totaled more than $92,000. And three months later, Notrica has trimmed his outstanding 2006 East Atlanta property tax bills down to $48,831 according to DeKalb County records, but also has [...]

Inman Park Properties update

It has been suggested to me that an update is in order about some of the positive things Jeff Notrica has done in East Atlanta recently. Fair enough. Notrica owns the block (except for the Graveyard Tavern) on Glenwood Avenue between Joseph Avenue and Gresham Avenue and has been active in bringing new business in [...]

Fox 5 lies in "clarification" about East Atlanta murder story

Now that Fox 5 has run its “clarification” about the Atlanta homicide story during the newscasts that ran the reports I”ve seen, I can confirm that they are lying about what they originally reported, which is pathetic, but not entirely surprising. In the clarification (this one is from 10 p.m. last night – the script [...]

Fox 5 Atlanta defames East Atlanta

Oh, this has pissed me off. Last night and today, Fox 5 here in Atlanta has been reporting on the increase in murders in our fair city during 2006. The biggest increase in the number of murders occurred in Atlanta”s Zone 6, of which East Atlanta is a part. In 2006, there were 15 homicides [...]

Inman Park Properties and unpaid property taxes

I”ve been poking around a bit with some information about Inman Park Properties lately (previous reports), and I noticed an interesting pattern. The company really doesn”t like to pay its property taxes in East Atlanta. According to DeKalb County online records (which purport to be accurate to within two days on property tax information), Inman [...]

Inman Park Properties update

For those of you following the tale of Jeff Notrica and Inman Park Properties in East Atlanta, here are some updates for you. The Good: – Work is rolling along at the two new restaurants set to open in Notrica”s strip of spaces between the Graveyard Tavern and what used to be Good News Cafe [...]

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