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Branding + Focus = “Every Night Should Be Saturday Night”

Loyal Wisdom readers have no doubt noticed a couple of things over the past few years – I don’t write a lot here anymore, and when I do it almost invariably focuses on college football, and most specifically LSU football. So as we approach the 2010 football season, I came to believe a change was [...]

USAA mobile deposit restrictions – the full idiocy

So after hearing such good things about USAA from friends and learning that they had opened up their banking products to the non-military-connected, I figured I would give them a shot as my checking / savings provider. A big part of that decision was because of the home scanning / mobile app deposit options USAA [...]

How USAA sees occupations in 2010

Now that USAA has opened up its banking products to non-military types, I’m in process of moving our checking and savings accounts over there (refunded ATM charges, good bill pay, free checks, convenient deposits, etc.). So in setting up my profile I was prompted to select an occupation from a pull-down menu. The list of [...]

U-verse in Atlanta: An early review

As of this morning, our household is fully up and running with AT&T’s U-verse TV and Internet service. This after having been an ardent supporter and customer of Dish Network for nine years. I didn’t fall out of love with Dish. In a number of ways, U-verse TV is a step backward from what I [...]

The LSU Dugout Ducker

Odd moment last night in the College World Series game between LSU and Arkansas. Blake Dean makes an out and heads to the dugout. ESPN cameras follow and capture a young lady at the end of the dugout who would really rather not be seen there: So who is she … and why is she [...]

Has The Wisdom been abandoned?

Pretty much, at least for now. Reality today is that my brilliant thoughts on things in general end up at my original “other” site – EAVBuzz, where there’s real-time back and forth on topics started by me or whoever wants to stir things up. And I’m too busy during the day and too tired at [...]

Dish Network lied to me; executive customer service guy is a douche

Update: I had also sent an email in to a bunch of corporate email addresses at Dish, and today (Aug. 18) somebody got back to me with an apology for my customer service experience and promise to make the appropriate “adjustment” to my account. Hopefully this is a long-term change in what they are charging [...]

On the sidelines

Going out to my car the other day, I noticed this coffee mug hanging out on the garage floor. It had fallen off the shelf where I put empty Coke Zero cans and travel mugs when I have fresh beverages to take with me somewhere. Yep, there it is. One of the more practical bits [...]

Sweet – my Dish DVR is illegal!

Well, just the 942 I have upstairs and the 721 I have stuffed away in a closet somewhere – and it doesn’t apply to me since I already bought them. But the fallout of the TiVo patent case apparently is that Dish can’t sell those machines anymore. Of course, they’re not actually selling them anymore, [...]

Me, now

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written much of anything not related to college football. For longtime Wisdom readers, the outward appearance is probably that not much is happening with old Cap’n Ken. In reality, though, the past eight months have been a whirlwind of change. And I find myself immersed in a new [...]

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