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The 37-cent test

Being the inquisitive fella that I am, I”ve been wondering what the post office would do with a letter carrying 37 cents worth of postage in a 39-cent stamp world. If I stuck such an insufficiently-postaged item in my mailbox, I imagine my letter carrier would probably write or stamp “insufficient postage” on it and [...]

… because they did everything else so well

FEMA offers help with evacuation planning. Correct me if I”m wrong, Louisianians, but wasn”t the mass evacuation (for those who chose to leave) about the only thing about the Katrina situation that went relatively well? And didn”t that happen before FEMA even showed up?

Powerball reporting

OK, this is minor in the grand scheme of things, but it irritates me that the media seems clueless as to some really basic concepts of income and taxation when it comes to this big Powerball jackpot winner. On CNN and in papers across the country (thanks to the Associated Press story), the winner”s net [...]

Government wants more porn in "family tier" cable packages

OK, that”s not technically correct, but how fucking ridiculous is it that certain U.S. Senators are now complaining that “family tier” cable TV packages leave out ESPN? Can you blame cable executives – who are currently cowering under the notion that the government might start regulating them if Little Johnny sees a tit now and [...]

Why Google vs. DOJ matters

Whether it was because of their “don”t be evil” thing or the more typical practice of guarding “trade secrets”, hats off to Google for telling the U.S. Government to stuff their subpoenas of URLs and query terms where the sun don”t shine. Maybe on its face there”s not a privacy concern with giving the feds [...]

Executive pay disclosure rules

It looks like the SEC (The Securities & Exchange Commission, not the NCAA”s best conference) may push ahead with this plan to require “total cost” disclosures for public company executives. The idea here is that requiring public companies to declare a single, total compensation number for its executives will somehow keep executive pay in check. [...]

How I dealt with the postal rate increase

The AJC has a story this morning about how the postal rate increase took people by surprise yesterday. I”d link to the story, but the AJC makes you register a fake email address to read stories, so here”s the lead: Post office customers lined up to buy 2-cent stamps Monday, the first business day since [...]

OK, now am I committing a federal crime?

The Wisdom”s unofficial in-house counsel TCL kept The Cap”n out of federal custody last week when he explained why offering free housing to a select group of hotties is likely not a federal crime. But today we learn that President Bush has signed a law making it a federal crime to “annoy” people online if [...]

Excuse me while I commit a federal crime

Free room available: I have a spare bedroom / bathroom I”m offering to a slim, sexy, single, childless young woman – age 18-22 – free of charge. Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Latina, Chicana, Hispanic, Native American or Alaska Native women only. No Pacific Islanders, please. No Christians, please, unless you”re a super-cool Christian who”s not hung [...]

"Family Tier" cable programming

So Comcast has jumped on the “family-friendly” programming bandwagon. This trend (Time Warner cable announced a similar thing last week) bugs the crap out of me, but not because I think kids should watch more porn. What bothers me is what this says about parental responsibility in the U.S. It”s very easy, of course, to [...]

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