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Georgia town spends half its annual budget to drive out business

The town of Lavonia in extreme northeast Georgia is making news today for spending $1 million to buy and close a strip club called Cafe Risque that the town has been trying to shut down for years. A million bucks, I suppose, is the market price for self-righteous indignation that a business you don’t approve [...]

AJC: Fast-pass security lines are “so-called ‘Lexus lanes’” because we call them that

You have to love The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Dying a slow death as the market it serves grows rapidly, the AJC editors can’t help but deride the people in metro Atlanta who should be their target audience. Case in point is a story in today’s paper about a pilot program at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport that may [...]

Wards of the state

I was reading an AJC piece tonight about the post-tornado recovery efforts in Grant Park’s historic Oakland Cemetery. And I was struck by this sentence: FEMA, which will fund the majority of the cemetery’s renovation and cleanup, has dispatched archaeologists to Oakland for legal, as well as scholarly, reasons. FEMA – The Federal Emergency Management [...]

No sales tax = smart

I was cruising around this morning checking out some potential after-Christmas deals on digital cameras and ended up over at (more on why below). And on the product page”s rundown of the cost they included a big “No Sales Tax” reference. Of course, I prefer to not pay sales tax directly on my online [...]


I don”t mean to over-react, but this is seriously some of the scariest shit I”ve ever seen: FBI returns to “Fake Boarding Pass” guy”s home, seizes computers . Are the feds going to come after me for linking to this?

How the terrorists are winning

There”s a nice opinion piece at Wired News today about how the hysteria over recent “security threats” shows the terrorists are winning. Of course, I wrote about this two years ago, but the Wired guy does a good job of framing his point in the context of recent non-threat “threats”. Not to be a spoiler, [...]

TSA site crashes Safari

I was going to update my stance on the new “security” standards put forth by the TSA (short answer – it”s ridiculous now since the “immediate threat” has ended), so I wanted to check what the TSA is saying on the rules today. Problem is that over and over (I tried 6 times) when I [...]

This may come as a shock

I”m sitting in the San Jose, Ca. airport right now waiting for my flight back to Atlanta. I was supposed to fly down to L.A. this morning for a last-minute meeting and then fly home out of LAX tomorrow. But in light of the security situation that came about overnight, I thought it best to [...]

OK, who had "delivered to Louisiana in less than 48 hours – no questions asked"?

So I wouldn”t have expected this. Less than 48 hours after the USPS was scheduled to retrieve my little 37-cent monkey from that blue box in Mountain View (5 p.m. Pacific on 5/17), my sister found it in her St. Amant mailbox – with no postage due notice or anything. This shot, obviously, was taken [...]

Hate to say I told you so

Actually, I don”t at all hate to say I told you so; I was just listening to The Hives on the flight home today. But loyal readers of The Wisdom will recall that back in December I suggested FEMA has no business managing the housing needs of those displaced by Katrina and the levee failures [...]

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