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Apple Store Down

No, really. A physical Apple Store “closed for renovations” and – according to the nice gentleman who told us not to take photos – re-opening tomorrow morning [check that: says June 9]. This is the Apple Store at Lenox Square in Atlanta – today, June 1 around 11:15. So are they remodeling for some [...]

AJC Totally not getting this online media thing

There was a rare excellent business story in the AJC this weekend – an exclusive sit-down with Coca-Cola”s CEO and President that focused on problems the soda giant continues to have in the North America market. The two talked frankly about recognizing deep problems in U.S. operations, the perception problem with high-calorie colas and their [...]

Coke Zero lawsuit ads

I”m happy to see my beloved Coke Zero finally seeming to take hold in the market. On my recent Kentucky road trip, I was able to find Zero (and even Cherry Zero) in just about every dinky little convenience store I stopped in. And I like the company”s new “sue Coke Zero” campaign. An AJC [...]

All Rise! … now what’s my password again?

As part of my free life lesson program, I had the distinct pleasure to be in Atlanta Traffic Court Monday afternoon for the first live session using the court”s new computerized case-management system. The pleasure came from the pure comedy involved in watching a staid old traffic court judge try to use one of those [...]

Evolution of an AJC executive pay story

Going through my RSS feeds last night, I was surprised to see a fairly rational account of The Coca Cola Company”s proxy filing and executive pay disclosures in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But, alas, that was just the initial filing of the story. The original piece, which my reader said came across at 1:36 p.m. (maybe [...]

Garry Betty

I was extremely saddened to learn that EarthLink CEO Garry Betty has died. Many of you know I work at EarthLink, and Garry was the embodiment of the company. If you didn”t know much about Garry, he was a unique guy and had a special dynamic as a tech CEO. Personable, sincere and smart, Garry [...]

Russ smacks a TV

If anybody watches Fox 5 news, you may have noticed they”ve started incorporating a “touch screen” gimmick where the anchor is standing in front of a monitor and smacks it to change from graphic to graphic. The funny thing is that anybody with an ounce of sense can see this ain”t really a touch screen [...]

That’s some pricey office space

You gotta love those crazy headline writers at You may remember their take on the immigration debate and their oh-so-subtle creative spin on an AP unemployment story, but I think this one is just sheer stupidity at work: That”s right – our friends downtown are saying this building is being sold for $8.9 billion: [...]

Fucktard of the Week

My apologies to Smoove D for stealing his trademarked tag (talk to my lawyer – but you”ll lose), but I think he”ll agree this guy deserves the title. On Fox 5 news this evening, they had a story about a road-rage incident in which one of the drivers had her business phone number written on [...]

Wow, no bias here

Headline on today about a rally at the Georgia Capitol – as the paper”s own story says – “opposing illegal immigration”:

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