Offending sensibilities since 2004, CKHW is the personal site of East Atlanta’s own Cap’n Ken. I publish the Wisdom, run a tiny company called Bet-R Sites under which I build things for fun and money.

The Bet-R family of owned and operated sites includes The Quotable Les Miles, Muggn, MugHots, Young Fresh Fellows and EAVBuzz.

But my primary ongoing development project involves a small child.

I used to write a lot more at The Wisdom, but I’m pulled in too many directions to really focus on this site now. That all changes in the fall, when I flood the world with my thoughts on LSU football and college football in general.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. B says:

    Here’s a bit of info you might want to check into what with all the concern over Jeff/Inman Park Properties buying up everything in EAV – I have no real idea if it’s legit but it bothers me that it could be. I was recently informed that the Gravity Pub has new owners/management and that their rent doubled recently under Jeff’s rule. I also heard that IPP was initially unwilling to fix floor issues that stopped Gravity from using the basement area as they had done in the past. IPP supposedly finally gave in to the Gravity folks but takes little responsibility for the state of their building with a tenant in it. I wonder how they were to the Glenwood and Midway folks…?

  2. Sarah says:

    Cap’n Ken, I must admit that I did come here primarily because I thought it was the twitter’s qwitter. However, I recently graduated from UF and am a HUGE fan of SEC football. I’m actually going to the gam ein MIAMI!!! EEEE. Anyways, I thought you might find this link interesting, just because its SEC football and the National Championship. Whatcha think? http://helium.com/zone/833-bcs-championship-2009

  3. delilah says:

    P.S. You can contract me directly at my “comcast” address if you’d like

  4. Salazar says:

    Watup Ken…How u been…found your wallet years back at a Braves Game…just thought I’d check in with u & say hi.


  5. Linda Lewis says:

    I heard that you aren Anne McCue fan………………….well, get ready, because her next CD due out the first of the year (2010) is sure to be terrific!

    Join her Face Book & Fan Face Book


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