Branding + Focus = “Every Night Should Be Saturday Night”

Loyal Wisdom readers have no doubt noticed a couple of things over the past few years – I don’t write a lot here anymore, and when I do it almost invariably focuses on college football, and most specifically LSU football. So as we approach the 2010 football season, I came to believe a change was in order. Rather than carry on with my LSU football focus on The Wisdom, it seemed wiser to create a new brand under which to write about my Tigers.

And thus I give you Every Night Should Be Saturday Night, or ENSBSN for short. If you’re well-versed in the worlds of college football and LSU, you might understand the references. There’s nothing revolutionary or particularly different from The Wisdom in the new site – just branding and focus to reflect what I care to write about these days.

Creating a little independent LSU football site does, though, reflect my growing frustration with the “SB Nationing” of the college football blogworld. Several of my favorite college football blogs have gone from simple independent sites full of design and content quirks to replaceable cogs in “blog networks” – trying to maintain their identity while doing things like writing coordinated pieces to satisfy the network’s EA Sports sponsorship sale. Consider this part of my backlash.

Of course the new site comes with the requisite Twitter account (@ensbsn) and Facebook Page. Following/Liking those things will get fresh stuff put in front of your face. Then there’s always the RSS feed for you oldsters.

As for The Wisdom, it’ll stick around. And I might even post things here from time to time. Just not stuff about football.

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3 Responses to “Branding + Focus = “Every Night Should Be Saturday Night””

  1. rookie says:

    /”growing frustration with the “SB Nationing” of the college football blogworld”

    /transparent thievery of sb nation blog title “edsbs”



  2. Cap'n Ken says:

    Rookie – you’re missing the point. The EDSBS take-off was a tribute to what the blog was before it moved to SB Nation. Or did you not know of it before then?

  3. rookie says:

    u mad. do check out my new ESPN blog (entertainment and sports programming nighttime) blog.

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