Gowalla Wars: SEC Football Stadiums

A couple of months ago I did a rundown of where SEC football stadiums stand in terms of Foursquare checkins. It’s only right that I do the same for the stadiums as Gowalla spots, especially considering I’m a much bigger user of Gowalla than Foursquare these days.

These rundowns are meant to be benchmarks to see what kind of activity the stadiums see this fall now that checkins are becoming a bigger deal.

As with Foursquare, the clear Gowalla leader right now is Florida’s Ben Hill Griffith Stadium, which has attracted 40 Gowalla users and 293 total checkins. Arkansas’ Razorback Stadium actually has more unique visitors (42), but only a total of 51 checkins. Obviously Florida students using Gowalla enjoy marking their passes by their stadium. And I don’t blame them – it’s a nice place.

Ole Miss’ Vaught-Hemingway Stadium is bringing up the rear, with just three unique visitors (21 checkins). Mississippi State’s Davis Wade Stadium has seen just eight visitors, with nobody checking in more than once. Somebody created two versions of Kentucky’s Commonwealth Stadium, so its five (each) visitors and 20 (or 19) checkins could be off by just a bit.

And as far as Foursquare vs. Gowalla goes, only Arkansas has a higher usage rate for Gowalla (by a big margin – 42 Gowalla users to nine Foursquare users). That comparison will also be interesting to track this fall.

The full rundown of venue links and stats:

Alabama: Bryant-Denny Stadium
26 Checkins
13 Unique Visitors

Auburn: Jordan-Hare Stadium
20 Checkins
13 Unique Visitors

Arkansas: Razorback Stadium
51 Checkins
42 Unique Visitors

Florida: Ben Hill Griffith Stadium
293 Checkins
40 Unique Visitors

Georgia: Sanford Stadium
25 Checkins
15 Unique Visitors

Kentucky: Commonwealth Stadium (or this one)
20 Checkins
5 Unique Visitors

LSU: Tiger Stadium
32 Checkins
24 Unique Visitors

Ole Miss: Vaught-Hemingway Stadium
21 Checkins
3 Unique Visitors

Mississippi State: Davis Wade Stadium
8 Checkins
8 Unique Visitors

South Carolina: Williams-Brice Stadium
39 Checkins
23 Unique Visitors

Tennessee: Neyland Stadium
21 Checkins
15 Unique Visitors

Vanderbilt Stadium
11 Checkins
11 Unique Visitors

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