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LSU / Alabama: The Judgment

There will, no doubt, be a lot of griping by LSU fans about the blown call on Patrick Peterson’s 4th-quarter interception. And it’s pretty clear that was a bad call. But if that call would have marked the last best chance LSU had to win this game (and it would have), it’s important to focus [...]

LSU / Alabama Preview & SEC Week 10 Picks

If LSU is to pull an upset in Tuscaloosa Saturday, a different Tiger offense is going to need to be on the field. Not so different in personnel, but far different in ideology. LSU is not going to be successful pounding out a ground game against Alabama. The Tide has held six of its eight [...]

LSU / SEC Week 9 Recap

I’ll save any lessons learned from LSU / Tulane for the Alabama preview, but suffice it to say 42-0 is a very acceptable result. The Greenies had no ground game to speak of (54 positive yards; 26 net) and were held nicely in check through the air. Though Tulane went 26 for 37 through the [...]

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