LSU / SEC Week 9 Recap

I’ll save any lessons learned from LSU / Tulane for the Alabama preview, but suffice it to say 42-0 is a very acceptable result. The Greenies had no ground game to speak of (54 positive yards; 26 net) and were held nicely in check through the air. Though Tulane went 26 for 37 through the air (70% completion), they gained just 190 yards (5.1 yards per attempt). LSU wasn’t spectacular offensively, but not moribund either. We are where we are, which feels better going into Tuscaloosa than I expected it to.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

This was my first perfect week of the season.

Georgia blew any shot it had at a Florida upset with four interceptions. The Dawgs actually looked like they had a shot in the game before things got totally out of hand in the third quarter. Statistically, UGA did pretty well, holding the Gators to a fairly typical 375 yards of offense and throwing down 286 offensive yards themselves. Considering that LSU managed just 162 yards against Florida, I’m envious of that. But interceptions killed them, as did allowing the Gators to score on four of their five first-half drives. Not even fancy black helmets and pants could overcome that.

Auburn was surprising in that they had somewhat of a passing game against Ole Miss. Their 226 total passing yards isn’t great when stacked up against Auburn’s first five games, but it beats the heck out of 81 against LSU or 95 against Kentucky.

Tennessee was helped along nicely by four South Carolina turnovers. The Vols have a shot to climb into a respectable position if they can take Ole Miss in a couple of weeks.

For the week: 7-0; for the season 58-8.

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