SEC Week 7 Picks

I’m happy to not have an LSU game this weekend. Hopefully it will be a good thing that our open date falls smack-dab in the middle of the season – these Tigers need to start fresh after the endless parade of frustration that culminated with the Florida game last week.

And the rest of the SEC features a pair of quietly interesting games in Florida / Arkansas and Alabama / South Carolina. Plus we’ll get a better gauge of Auburn with them facing Kentucky in advance of our game next week. So on to it:

Arkansas at No. 1 Florida. Would you believe the most prolific offense the Gators have faced this season is Charleston Southern (No. 34 in total offense)? Patsies aside, the Gators have beaten Tennessee (No. 48), Kentucky (No. 89) and LSU (No. 109). So now Arkansas (No. 15) comes to town. This one could be interesting if Ryan Mallet and the gang have a big day and Tebow & Co. don’t. Whether we get the Arkansas offense against Auburn (495 yards, 44 points) or Alabama (254 yards, 7 points) is the big question. And the Gators would have to make some mistakes and not perform well to blow this game. They have the No. 2 rushing offense in the nation to go up against Arkansas’ No. 73 rushing defense. Meyer should be able to keep the ball away from the Hogs just as he did the Tigers and will have more motivation to do so since Arkansas actually has an offense.

Gators 24 – 12

No. 3 Alabama at No. 22 South Carolina. The Cocks are pretty unimpressive offensively (No. 63 total offense) and fairly strong defensively (No. 15 total defense). The Tide is No. 17 in total offense and No. 2 in total defense. This game also has the potential to be interesting just because it’s an SEC game between 6-0 and 5-1 teams with the underdog at home. Anything can happen, but this is the Tide’s game if Fonzie keeps them together.

Alabama 23 – 15

Kentucky at No. 25 Auburn. I’ll make this one quick. Auburn has the No. 7 rush offense in the nation; Kentucky has the No. 101 rush defense.

War Eagles 31 – 10

Georgia at Vanderbilt. We’ll see Saturday if the Dawgs have gotten over that bad call on A.J. Green yet.

Georgia 10 – 9

UAB at Ole Miss. Hey, it’s like the Ole Miss Glory Days (mid-September) when the opponents were weak and the Rebels ruled!

Ole Miss 3- 0

Mississippi State at MTSU. Did I read that right? The SEC Bulldogs are traveling to Murfreesboro to play a game? At the 31,000-seat Johnny “Red” Floyd Stadium? Yow.

Mississippi State 17 – 14

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