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LSU / SEC Week 9 Picks

As I said in the wrap-up from last week, I think No. 9 LSU needs to use the Tulane game as a final tune-up for Alabama a week from now. Call that “looking past”, but it’s more about taking advantage of a situation to continue working on pressing needs. Tulane is not good. They stand [...]

LSU / SEC Week 8 Recap

I’m trying hard to avoid feeling really good about No. 9 LSU after the thorough spanking the Tigers put on Auburn last Saturday. As I mentioned before, this is a deeply-flawed Auburn team. But while the 31-10 win over the War Eagles wasn’t some landmark victory for LSU, that game and others set up an [...]

My LSU beef this morning isn’t with the team

Whether it’s homerism or incompetence, there’s a narrative being laid out by The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) about last night’s LSU / Auburn game that’s just frustratingly wrong. This isn’t a criticism of the Tigers, who I think played an excellent game last night. It’s a criticism of LSU’s [...]

LSU / SEC Week 8 Picks

The Tigers are back in action (if you can call it that) against the War Eagles of East Alabama Male College this Saturday. LSU stands at 5-1 on a one-game losing streak; Auburn at 5-2 on a two-game losing streak. But there is a giant perception gap between the two teams. LSU has a human [...]

SEC Week 7 Picks

I’m happy to not have an LSU game this weekend. Hopefully it will be a good thing that our open date falls smack-dab in the middle of the season – these Tigers need to start fresh after the endless parade of frustration that culminated with the Florida game last week. And the rest of the [...]

LSU / Florida & SEC Week 6 Recap

I just finished watching the home-TV version of the LSU / Florida game (as opposed to the on-campus TV version I watched Saturday night), and a lot became clear that I didn’t really gather on the first watching. The first watching, it’s fair to say, wasn’t a very attentive one. There was the fact that [...]

LSU / Florida Preview & SEC Week 6 Picks

I don’t see a lot of value in analyzing the matchup of No. 4 LSU and No. 1 Florida. I think Florida is the better team, and though their experience to this point consists of two patsy blowouts, a big win over Kentucky and an unimpressive win over Tennessee, it’s safe to say Florida is [...]

The unfair Georgia penalty – let’s be honest

I was all prepared to let this nonsense about the bad unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on A.J. Green costing Georgia the game go. Yes, some Dawg fans have been bitching pretty heavily about it, but weak minds produce excuses for poor results. But watching ESPN’s College Football Live tonight, I saw the below exchange between John [...]

LSU / SEC Week 5 Recap

I was, until Saturday, a pessimist about LSU’s 2009 season. There was, quite frankly, not much to be enthusiastic about. And with the October games against Georgia, Florida and Auburn on the horizon, I hadn’t seen much at all to project a lot of success. And while I am still not ready to predict greatness [...]

LSU / SEC Week 5 Picks

I’m having a really hard time coming up with a rationale to pick No. 4 LSU to beat No. 15.5 Georgia on Saturday. I hope the Tigers win; I think the Tigers can win, but rational analysis doesn’t support it. In broad terms, Georgia has a decent passing offense (42nd nationally), a bad rushing offense [...]

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