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The new poll’s here! The new poll’s here! … We’re somebody now.

Ah, humans. So cute, so logical. So in control of the BCS rankings because computers can’t be trusted. We got the first Harris Poll of the season this week. You know the Harris, it’s that one made up of such luminaries as Dick Bestwick, Rondo Fehlberg and Jim Vruggink that represents 33% of the BCS [...]

LSU / SEC Week 4 Recap

Thank you, Chad Jones. Not just for saving LSU’s butts with your punt return TD and goal-line defense to preserve the Tigers’ win, but for giving me something to remember about this game that doesn’t make me want to slit my wrists. I wish I could say I don’t remember being this frustrated watching LSU [...]

LSU / SEC Week 4 Picks

I’m celebrating this week, because it may be the last time until Halloween that I feel somewhat comfortable in picking LSU to win. Simply put, I can’t project greatness for this team based upon past performance. Maybe things will improve. I certainly hope so, because this isn’t a team I’m comfortable with right now. But [...]

LSU / SEC Week 3 Recap

I’m quickly growing tired of the “we’ll come along” line about LSU football. Bad defense against Washington? It’ll come around. And they say it came around with a “great” effort against Vanderbilt, holding the ‘Dores to 210 yards of offense. Yeah, and Vandy managed just 157 yards of offense against Mississippi State this week. Oh, [...]

LSU / SEC Week 3 Picks

They say we should respect or perhaps even fear USL this week, as the Cajuns are 2-0 and beat a “BCS conference” team last week. Sorry to say, Tiger fans, but if Saturday’s game is anything but a patsy blowout, No. 7T LSU is in trouble. I’m not ready to call the Tigers’ start a [...]

LSU / SEC Week 2 Recap

There are a couple of ways one could view LSU’s 23 – 9 win over Vandy on Saturday night. The cynical view would be that the Tigers under-performed against a weaker SEC team at home, and that portends bad things down the road. The believer’s view would be that the Tigers shut down an under-rated [...]

SEC Football Week 2 Picks

With the strangeness of playing an opening game in Seattle behind them, LSU can focus on the normal – home opener and SEC opener this weekend against Vandy. Hopefully normalcy will do this team good after a so-so opener. It’s too early in the season for stats to mean much, so I’ll try not to [...]

LSU / SEC Week 1 Recap

This trip out to Washington to play the Huskies was a real novelty; not a thing about it was normal for LSU football. So it’s a little tough to put much of an emphasis on what went down. Just like you’re not often going to be at an LSU game where good tailgates are hard [...]

SEC Football Week 1 Picks

Well hot damn. We’re about to start playing some football. Week one in the SEC features a Thursday night game, a Sunday afternoon game and an indoor game on a neutral field. The Dome Opener I can live with, but I still hate seeing the SEC’s march of acceptance of non-Saturday games. But anyhow … [...]

Gearing up for a strange football trip

I’m going to the LSU game Saturday. I’ve been to more than my fair share of games, especially considering I moved away from Louisiana 17 years ago. Most of the Tiger games I’ve been to have been played in Baton Rouge, but I’ve been to games in many of your finer Southern college towns as [...]

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