The Wisdom opens for football season

Yes, kids, The Wisdom is back open for business after sort of shutting down for the football off-season. The post-counter tells me there have been exactly five Wisdom posts since the end of last season. When it comes right down to it, I just don’t have the time or the inclination to stay up with The Wisdom throughout the year, and in these days of social networking and Tweetstreams, there are just better and more interesting ways to spew my worthless thoughts out at the world.

But football season is different. And there are a few reasons why. First, I care quite a bit about LSU and college football. Writing Wisdom pieces gives focus to my thoughts about football. I don’t just throw random crap out here; I research, document and try to form meaningful thoughts. It’s the fact that I put these things in public that keeps me disciplined in my thinking.

Secondly, I like sometimes hitting on a topic that draws attention. Such was the case with my award-eligible piece Troy’s offense and the art of stealing signals. That got a lot of attention; I got called a lot of names. But I was right.

Thirdly, The Wisdom is my own personal archive of my relationship with LSU football. It’s well-known that I’m not really a Leslie Miles fan, so it’s interesting to see my evolution from Fire Les Miles to just maintaining that he is a mentally-challenged moron who hopefully has been saved by the smarter people around him.

Finally, I like owning things. I own The Wisdom. I like that. No, it’s not worth a whole lot, but it’s worth more to me than creating content for Facebook or TigerDroppings is.

So I’ll kick off the season with Cap’n Ken’s Football Sources list. These are the things I follow and read to stay up on the college football world and recommend to fans of the game.

- Every Day Should Be Saturday. I remain a big fan of Orson Swindle even as Spencer Hall becomes more of a real-media big deal. The dual-edge is hard to keep sharp.

- And The Valley Shook. Excellent analysis of LSU’s game, players, strategy, etc. from Richard Pittman. The antithesis of what I try to do at The Wisdom.

- Dr. Saturday. Matt Hinton pissed me off pretty good when he tried to pretend a stupid SEC Championship-counting error he made never happened and removed comments pointing out the mistake (very un-Internet, Matt), but the guy is a good blend of humor and analysis.

- Mr. College Football. Tony Barnhart’s AJC blog. A bit staid and stale, but this is a newspaper, after all.

I’ll also hit The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) when I think about it. If they did anything close to a decent job telling me in RSS what they are publishing, I’d visit a lot more often. On Sundays I tend to hit other big-media sites for game analysis and whatnot. And since we’re into a new season, I’ll be on the prowl for more sources as well.

Comment back any other sources you like, if you like.

And here’s to football season!

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2 Responses to “The Wisdom opens for football season”

  1. josh lucas says:

    Welcome back! I look forward to reading the LSU propaganda!

  2. Dave C. says:

    LSU Freek doesn’t make it into the main sources list yet?

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