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The scariest prospect for LSU’s season

After a really unpleasant 2008 season, Les Miles set about casting the demons of last year away. Using his superb H.R. skills, he made his idiotic decision to not have a defensive coordinator fade away by finding his minions other jobs and bringing John Chavis in from Tennessee. And he embraced the political reality that [...]

LSU license plates for Georgia

OK, Tiger fans, it’s time to get cracking on this. I wasn’t aware until this week that LSU Atlanta Alumni had kicked off the process of creating an LSU plate here in Georgia (very likely because of my decades-long refusal to be associated with the LSU Alumni Association). But the process has begun, and the [...]

The Wisdom opens for football season

Yes, kids, The Wisdom is back open for business after sort of shutting down for the football off-season. The post-counter tells me there have been exactly five Wisdom posts since the end of last season. When it comes right down to it, I just don’t have the time or the inclination to stay up with [...]

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