Credit due Leslie on Jones transfer

I throw a lot of crap the way of one Leslie Miles, and I make no apologies for that. But I call ‘em like I see ‘em, and I think Miles has demonstrated very questionable decision making and judgment in his tenure at LSU. I like what I’m seeing and hearing coming out of the disaster of a season that was Tiger Football 2008 (ditching his stupid non-coordinator defensive setup, etc.), and I’m hopeful that Miles is learning from his mistakes.

So now we have this situation with (former) LSU cornerback Phelon Jones’ decision to transfer out of LSU. It’s his landing spot – Alabama – that has some people criticizing Miles now. Once a guy signs with a school, see, he is basically that school’s property. And if he wants to leave, his coach can exert a lot of control over where he goes. Miles could have prevented Jones from transferring to another SEC West school, another SEC school and probably throw USC onto a list if he wanted to tweak Pete Carroll a bit. And other coaches routinely put such conditions on transfers.

The fact that Jones is heading over to Camp Fonzie – the new beast of LSU’s division – clearly shows Miles did not put conditions on Jones’ transfer aimed at keeping a talented player off a rival’s roster. Some would say Miles should block such transfers for the sake of LSU, but I don’t buy into that.

If a player isn’t happy at a school, a coach should let him go. And the coach should let him go where he pleases – even to an arch-rival. That’s what’s in the best interest of the player and in the long-term probably the coach and program as well. Is it a boon to recruiting for your program to be known as some kind of Hotel California where you’re damned well going to do your four years there whether you are happy or not? I can’t imagine it is.

Plus, I don’t think a coach should show himself to be scared of competition. Blocking a player’s move to a rival says just that. Letting Jones go to Alabama is an implied “bring it on” from Miles. And I like that. As I said when Fonzie was hired, I don’t want to win the SEC West because the rest of the division sucks. I want LSU to compete in a strong division and a strong conference.

So kudos to Miles for the move. It’s a good sign.

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  1. TCL says:

    Agreed. Exit question: Wonder whether Fonzie would do the same?

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