Has The Wisdom been abandoned?

Pretty much, at least for now. Reality today is that my brilliant thoughts on things in general end up at my original “other” site – EAVBuzz, where there’s real-time back and forth on topics started by me or whoever wants to stir things up.

And I’m too busy during the day and too tired at night (watching a kid is hard work) to ever make it down to the “write some Wisdom” part of my perpetual task list. I have to scramble to generate income in my “spare time”, and I simply lack the time or passion to contribute things here.

So I pretty much see the Wisdom as an LSU football blog going forward for now. That’s what I have enough passion for to think hard about and craft things to post here. And even there I owe attention – to the recruiting class and Leslie’s off-season moves (in a few words – I think he’s learned from last season and deserves a pass for the disaster that was LSU 2008).

For anybody stumbling across this, however, I will toss a bone. Check out Muggn, my new baby. That’s consuming my passion and “spare time” these days – and already is well out-performing the Wisdom’s audience in the heyday.

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3 Responses to “Has The Wisdom been abandoned?”

  1. TCL says:

    I hear you, brother. I’ll check out the new spot and, I suppose, the Buzz — even though I’m not hip to the happenings in the EAV. Crime and flamingos on the rise, or something like that . . . .

  2. John says:

    I was wondering if the Wisdom’s days were numbered, though I half thought that with the opening of the new Alex Box tonight you might resume a little pontificating.

    I will have to meander over to your other sites. And I love keeping up with your Flickr pics of Daphne.

  3. Cappy says:

    Ahoy, Capn’ Ken, from Cap’n SQL. Arrrrh! We be of the Big 10 persuasion.

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