SEC Championship Game Predictions

Our town is ugly with Gator and Tide fans. I saw two Bama boys toting 12-packs of Bud Light across 10th Street last night (that’s gonna be a hell of a party in your room, bro), and on Thursday ran in to two Gator fans at North and Peachtree who asked me “Is Midtown up this way?”. I told them yes but almost mentioned that the Cheetah is actually on Spring Street.

So the showdown is this afternoon, and it should be a good one. There are two things with which I am concerned – who I think will win and who I want to win.

Think will win – it’s hard not to pick Florida. Since losing to Ole Miss, the Gators have averaged 49 points per game, even throwing out the 70 points they hung on The Citadel. That’s an average of half a hundy against Arkansas, LSU, Kentucky, Georgia, Vandy, South Carolina and Florida State. No matter how you slice it, that’s really, really strong. And they get to play indoors on speedy fake grass today.

Maybe Fonzie’s boys can slow them down and keep them, say, under 40 points, but the Tide doesn’t bring enough offense (53rd nationally in total offense) to really counter the Gators. And they stand no chance of coming back from behind with the nation’s 97th-best pass offense. Either Bama completely shuts down Florida all game long and moves against them at will, or the Gators win this. I’m going Gators.

Florida 35 – 24

Who I’d like to win – tougher question. There’s still a part of me that pulls for Bama (can’t shake the early Tide exposure, you know), but the Bama fan base needs a little bit of a smackdown on their way back to college football dominance. But the alternative is a step toward dynasty status for Florida, and another BCS title would make the Gators the only team that matters in Florida. Plus, it’s nice being the only people with two of those crystal footballs.

So I’m going to pull for Bama. I’ll be holding my nose a bit, but ultimately setting a really high bar in the SEC West is good for LSU’s future. Having to oust the SEC Champions and potential National Champions just to win the division would be an appropriately-tough challenge for Leslie next year.

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4 Responses to “SEC Championship Game Predictions”

  1. Hofo says:

    I agree. I really want Bama to win because I hate Florida (been grinding my teeth every time I see a Gator fan in town) but I think that the Gators are going to steamroll the Tide.

  2. John says:

    Well, your 11 point differential was spot on, even if nudged by 4 for each team.

    And it’s one thing to pull for Bama if you can differentiate it in your mind from pulling for Fonzie. I had to pull for Florida. I choked a bit on my own vomit, but I did it anyway.

    And it sure was an exciting game to watch. Much more than this blowout by OU over Mizzou. It’s a little “too” easy for OU. Makes Missouri look like a weak opponent.

  3. Cap'n Ken says:

    I don’t hate Fonzie, John. Hate gets you nowhere.

  4. John says:

    Did I say hate anywhere?

    Hate is reserved for brussell sprouts.

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