SEC Week 14 Recap

Late? You bet. There’s really no point in rehashing LSU’s humiliation at the hands of Arkansas. I began the process of forgetting that game and this season as soon as the game ended.

All LSU fans can hope for now is that Les Miles will be suitably smacked down by his A.D. and Chancellor to stop being a mentally-challenged moron and run the program as it should be run (i.e. hire a freaking defensive coordinator). Talk is that this will happen, but I have concerns that Leslie has or perceives that he has more power than his boss (who was hired this year) and his chancellor (who was hired this year). I could see Leslie strolling into meetings with his crystal football and Sugar Bowl trophy in hand …

But I guess we have to count on Leslie bringing in a strong defensive coordinator and let him and the other people on the staff who are smarter than Miles (everybody) make decisions going forward. I’m not sure I like that prospect.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Goodness, UGA really blew it against Ga. Tech. A 10-2 year with losses to Alabama and Florida would have been a darn fine season, but now the Dawgs will struggle to finish in the Top 10 and keep that hype going into next year. Questions now turn to the decisions of Stafford and Moreno as to whether to head to the NFL. Neither is a Georgia boy and both are seen as hot pro prospects. The program’s immediate future swings heavily on those decisions (especially Stafford’s).

The Bama Iron Bowl blowout was on a level not expected, and the corpse of Tommy Tuberville being dragged through the streets of Opelika was the result. OK, that’s a bit more than what Auburn’s power players actually did to Tubs, but you get the point.

Florida managed 45 points in a swimming pool against Florida State. They play indoors this week.

Ole Miss slapped a Bye-Bye Sly-level smackdown on Mississippi State. I really hate to see Croom go. I guess not having the flash of Houston Nutt or the performance level of a Georgia, Alabama or Florida isn’t enough nowadays in Starkville. It’s a real shame.

South Carolina made LSU’s season look even worse, dropping the Tigers’ best-win team to 7-5 with a loss to Clemson. Lovely.

Tennessee gave an appropriate farewell to Phil Fulmer. Thank you, Phil, for helping LSU finish with a better record than Kentucky.

And it turns out Vandy is Vandy again. Thank you, Wake Forest, for helping LSU finish with a better record than Vanderbilt.

For the week: 4 – 4
For the season: 69 – 17

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  1. John says:

    What? Where’s the preview of the Fonzie/Urban Meyer Weiner game?

    That better be coming later today!!!!!!

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