LSU in Chick-fil-A bowl will be bad news

With the SEC Championship Game showdown this weekend most likely producing both a participant in the BCS Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl, bowl projections are falling out thusly:

The Capital One Bowl gets first pick among non-BCS SEC schools, which means the third-best team (plus factors of which fan base will travel to the game, etc.), and their clear pick is Georgia (9-3, 6-2 in conference). The come the Cotton, Outback and Chick-fil-A (Peach) bowls. And the sad state of the SEC this year means 8-4 Ole Miss, 7-5 South Carolina and 7-5 LSU will be the teams selected to go to those bowls. Kentucky and Vandy are the last picks with 6-6 records.

The Cotton must give preference to a West team, so their pick will be Ole Miss. And the Outback must give preference to an East team, so it’s Cock time in Tampa. That leaves LSU as the only choice for the Chick-fil-A, likely facing a hot local choice in Georgia Tech.

And that sucks.

For LSU to finish the season 7-5 and 3-5 in the SEC and end up in a really decent bowl like the Chick is a shame. It’ll just be one more rationalization of this season as “pretty good” and all that. I can see Leslie at the podium now talking about how it’s a great honor for his damn strong football team to once again play in such a great bowl game.

All season long, Leslie has been full of excuses, and most people seem to have bought them right up until the final humiliation in Arkansas.

- Auburn was a hard-fought victory over a great team. No, it was ridiculous that the game was that close.

- Mississippi State wasn’t as close as the score seemed. No, the Bulldogs put 24 on LSU when they only manged 2 against Auburn, 3 against Tennessee, 13 against Kentucky and 0 against Ole Miss.

- South Carolina was a courageous comeback. No, going down 17-10 to them was a harbinger for the rest of the season.

- Georgia was the inexperience of a young quarterback. No, it was the lack of defense that ended up handing the Dawgs 52 points. Even with Lee’s struggles, LSU managed 38 in that game, which should have been plenty.

- Alabama was also the inexperience of a young quarterback. No, it was the decision to give zero playing time to Jordan Jefferson and not shake up the offense a bit (after saying the Monday before the game that Jefferson would play).

- Troy was a historic comeback. Please. Troy was pathetic.

- Ole Miss was – I forget the excuses there. It was the first hint of realization that things are seriously wrong on the sidelines.

- Arkansas was the end of excuses.

The proper fate for this team to suffer is a trip to Shreveport, Memphis or Nashville to face the humiliation of bottom-tier SEC bowls. It should be the penance paid by Miles & Co. for completely mismanaging this season into a horrible one masked only by a really weak SEC West.

But what we’ll get is this unearned pride of playing in the Ga. Dome on New Year’s Eve as a stepping stone back to greatness. Lipstick on a pig.

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One Response to “LSU in Chick-fil-A bowl will be bad news”

  1. John says:

    Not much to add to that but “never look a gift pig in the mouth?”

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