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Sirius music channels win in XM merger

Word is leaking out about what the XM lineup will look like in a post-merger world. Supposedly the switch is going to be flipped on this very soon. Loyal Wisdom readers will recall that I’m a Sirius fan from way back, have never been very impressed with the music of XM and didn’t hold out [...]

LSU loss to Alabama, part II – the defense

The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning is filled with tales of heroism and references to the “epic” game played in Tiger Stadium yesterday. As any reader of that paper knows, homerism is to be expected. The softness with which they treat Jarrett Lee has become familiar – praising [...]

LSU loss to Alabama – unbelievably frustrating

In all but one extremely obvious way (I’ll give you a hint – it wears number 12), LSU is a better team than Alabama. I thought that going in to today’s game, and the results showed it. For all of Jarrett Lee’s gifts to Alabama, the Tigers still managed to take this one to overtime. [...]

Les Miles – “I don’t read books”

OK, way late on this considering it was from his Monday press conference (and thanks to TCL for the heads-up), but Leslie’s revelation seems to amuse everybody who’s seen it in online signatures of mine, so what the heck … enjoy.

SEC Week 11 Predictions

It’s Fonziefest Saturday in Baton Rouge. Mr. Saban and Co. roll in to town with a No. 1 ranking and the ire of all of Louisiana glaring down on the coach. No. 16 LSU is wounded, humiliated and all but out of the SEC West race. If ever there was a time to pull everything [...]

Why does CNN shrink my TV by 50% on Election Day?

For all that CNN has done well this campaign season (and they’ve done a lot well), it’s insanely annoying that they jam the screen up with all sorts of things that aren’t why I am watching and actually shrink the size of “CNN” itself by 50%. They’ve got this marginally useful area to the right [...]

UGA fan’s awesome corndog gag

So I was watching this horrible “FCS Tailgate Tour” show that my DVR picked up from the LSU / UGA game the weekend before last and it featured this awesome UGA fan’s gag: Loyal Wisdom readers will recall that this lame “LSU fans smell like corndogs” thing has made the rounds (short story – some [...]

Les Miles’ ‘get out the vote’ message

Inspiring words from our fearless leaders to kick off today’s press conference. The man is a wordsmith.

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