SEC Week 13 Recap

Do I want to say much more about LSU getting their cocks handed to them by Ole Miss? Not really. And I’d really appreciate my DVR ignoring future replays of the game on that CBS College Sports channel.

But the upside of this total collapse by the Tigers is that others are starting to question the program and Leslie’s decisions. Most gratifying is that many people are starting to think eliminating the position of defensive coordinator wasn’t such a smart move by Miles. That this is gaining traction six weeks after I went on and on about it is a positive thing. That people are saying Miles must sack the non-coordinators for an actual defensive coordinator next season is even better news.

So I won’t say any more about the Ole Miss loss. It was embarrassing and clearly should have been avoidable 11 games into the season with the talent of LSU. And I had picked LSU to win, which should be a lesson for me.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

I picked both Tennessee and Arkansas to win. Stupid, stupid man.

And my score prediction for Florida / The Citadel was a half-joking 116 – 8. Had Tebow & Co. stayed in for more than 40% of the game, 70 – 19 could easily have been 150 – 6.

For the week: 1 – 3
For the season: 65 – 13

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