SEC Week 12 Predictions

So LSU has Troy “Not Troy State” University coming to town tomorrow. I’m going to assume LSU wins this game. It would speak very poorly of my confidence in the Tigers if I didn’t.

But there are definitely things to look for tomorrow night (beyond whether LSU is in purple jerseys). The Trojans put up 431 yards of offense and score 31 points a game. I think it’s a fair expectation that LSU would hold them very significantly below their averages. They dropped 400+ yards on Oklahoma State and 300+ on Ohio State. A good LSU defensive performance would be holding them under 300 yards; a very good night would be holding them under 250.

And Troy’s leading interceptor is Sherrod Martin (4). Let’s see if he scores a touchdown!

Leslie’s old team also put up 600+ yards and 55 points on Troy. I wouldn’t expect that level of offense, and hopefully LSU will be focusing more on good execution above a big score. I do hope we see significant Jordan Jefferson time, and I would think Jarrett Lee is pulled in just slightly, but still given enough rope to prove / hang himself.

LSU 42 – 20

Elsewhere in the SEC:

No. 25 South Carolina at No. 4 Florida: This should be an interesting one. Ten games in, you have to believe South Carolina’s defense (No. 3 nationally in total defense) is legitimate. If they can contain Tebow & Co, this one could turn on who makes the fewest mistakes. And I’ll bet on the Cocks to out-mistake the Gators.

Florida 27 – 24

No. 10 Georgia at Auburn: Week after week, I keep saying Auburn has to tighten up and play better at some point. But as Coach Lundy told us in 10th-grade P.E. when somebody asked if we had to dress out when it was pouring down rain and we were supposed to be doing track & field – you don’t have to do anything. The War Eagles seem content with just throwing this season away and starting fresh in the Spring.

Dawgs 35 – 27

Mississippi State at No. 1 Alabama: There’s too much solid play on the Tide side for them to screw this up against MSU.

Bama 24 – 10

Vanderbilt at Kentucky: I like the prospect that the ‘Cats have found new life under Randall “Not Tex” Cobb.

Kentucky 31 – 20

UL-Monroe at Ole Miss:

Rebels 38 – 17

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