SEC Week 11 Recap

Oh where has my enthusiasm for the football season gone? That’s right – it was thrown poorly, caught by a linebacker and run back for a touchdown. Repeatedly. I’m sick of all this talk of LSU’s still having a “pretty good year”.

Yeah, nine wins would have been a dream in the mid-1990s, but it’s not as simple as that. You have to both look at the team you have right now and what you’ve done game to game. LSU isn’t better than Florida, so that loss doesn’t bother me. But we are at least on par with Georgia and Alabama. If the Tigers were coached up, those are very doable wins. I don’t feel good at all about losing both of those games. Nor do I feel good about what it took to beat Auburn and South Carolina or the poor defensive numbers compared to recent history.

Athletic talent can only take you so far. And when you have issues (Jarrett Lee, the young defensive backfield), coaching needs to play an even bigger role in engineering wins. It just doesn’t seem like that is happening.

I’d picked LSU to beat Alabama, and obviously we should have. There’s no way I can feel good about losing that game and potentially ending up 9-3 this year.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Georgia got a scare from Kentucky, largely in the form of Randall “Not Tex” Cobb. Credit should go to the ‘Cats for rushing up an effective new attack after losing their key playmakers. And the 42-38 score clearly shows where the Dawgs are right now – high-powered offense, not much defense.

The Cocks looked pretty decent in dispatching Arkansas. Hey, South Carolina is the best team LSU has beaten all year!

The Vols’ loss to Wyoming was pretty stunning, even for this year’s mess up in Knoxville. That just shouldn’t happen.

Likewise, Auburn’s 17-point win over UT-Martin was just pathetic. Actually tied at 20 in the third quarter … you gotta figure Tubs is already shopping for a new job. It’s a mess over there.

For the week: 4 – 2
For the season: 59 – 19

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