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Happy Anniversary, Earthquake Game

Today marks the 20th anniversary of LSU’s 7-6 win over Auburn in Tiger Stadium in what would become known as the Earthquake Game. If you’re reading this, you probably know all about the game, but LSU has the story should you require, and CBS has a video: The moment has stood the test of time [...]

SEC Week 6 Recap

There’s a series of stats I’ve been repeating so often since Saturday night that I have it memorized. It goes like this: Vanderbilt went into last weekend giving up 364 yards of offense per game. They held Auburn to 207 yards. Auburn gained 320 yards on LSU. And Florida dropped 514 yards on Arkansas Saturday. [...]

A quick post-Saturday thought

A proper recap of the week shall follow, but let me just say – thank you Jarrett Lee and Andrew Hatch. I say thanks because you are not Chris Todd and Kodi Burns. LSU could have been left without a competent quarterback this season, and Auburn demonstrated very well yesterday what that would mean. So [...]

SEC Week 6 Predictions

LSU’s on the Open Date, so the focus this week will be how Florida reacts to the Ole Miss loss and how Alabama reacts to the Georgia win and all their new-found hype. The Florida game is most critical, of course, as the Tigers are getting ready for a trip down to The Swamp next [...]

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