SEC Week 8 Recap

It does not bode well. Not well at all. LSU should not have to “pull one out” against the likes of South Carolina. It should not take halftime adjustments to finally shut down a one-dimensional offense ranked No. 104 in rushing being led by a freshman starting his first game.

LSU’s offense is unspectacular, but that’s expected and should be OK. But it’s not. Last night the Tiger offense scored one more touchdown than the No. 7 offense in the SEC. Last week it scored four fewer than the No. 2 offense in the SEC. And this week the No. 1 offense comes to Baton Rouge.

We will not win a shootout against Georgia. We won’t be able to adjust ourselves out of a poor plan and poor play early (see Florida). Barring some bit of sorcery conjured up by one or both of the guys pretending to be our defensive coordinator, next week’s game could be very ugly.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Georgia’s lackluster win over Vanderbilt does offer a measure of hope for LSU. I’m sure UGA fans will say “the Vandy game is always tough”, just like “the South Carolina game is always tough”, but the Dawgs still manage to make enough mistakes week in and week out to keep their opponents within striking distance. This was, though, a good week for Georgia to finally start finishing drives and not settling for field goals.

Alabama was lucky to come away with a win over Ole Miss. The Rebels outgained the Tide and held Fonzie’s boys scoreless in the second half after giving up 24 in the first. Losing Mt. Cody was a big blow to the Bama defense, but there’s something to this problem of finishing games. Cumulative scores by quarter for Bama and its opponents: First – 95-3, Second – 76-20, Third – 32-21, Fourth 23-47. I imagine it has a lot to do with the youth of the team and problems executing adjustments. Saban can gameplan them up real well during the week, but it’s harder to get them to adjust well during the game. Fortunately for Alabama, they execute real well to start games.

Tennessee can feel good about itself for rolling Mississippi State 34 – 3 thanks to two interceptions returned for touchdowns, but this was a 6 – 3 game at heart. Lots of problems remain for Fulmer. And I blew the pick.

Kentucky had to come from behind to beat Arkansas. Sad.

For the week: 4 – 1
For the season: 46 – 12

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3 Responses to “SEC Week 8 Recap”

  1. Annie says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think UGA fans are feeling particularly confident about the game. I think we thankful we’ve scraped by in the games we’ve played so far, and that we would be damn lucky to come out of Baton Rouge with a W. I have serious doubts myself. Also, South Carolina is always ugly for us. I would not say the same for Vandy.

  2. Cap'n Ken says:

    Funny, that’s the same thing my Gator friends said before last week …

  3. Thomas says:

    while i’ve disowned sc football this season after the uga debacle, i had renewed faith at halftime of the lsu/sc game. only to be shut down by reality and more bonehead mistakes on sc behalf.

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