SEC Week 7 Recap

Is there anything good to say about LSU’s performance in Gainesville last night? It was good to see some fight left in the Tigers down 20-0 with under a minute to go in the first half. Punching in touchdowns to end the first half and open the second half preserved a few ounces of self-respect otherwise squandered by LSU completely rolling over to Tebow & Co.

Mistakes by our quarterbacks, I get. Poor pass coverage, I get. The ball bouncing Florida’s way, sure, it happens. LSU faced some real challenges going in to the game in an extremely unforgiving environment, but the inability to run the ball or stop the run – I didn’t see that coming. Without those strengths on display, LSU didn’t stand a chance.

Give Florida credit for a great start. The Gators got a good break on the tipped-pass touchdown to open the game, and shut down LSU’s offense early. Four yards of offense and an interception – that was LSU’s first quarter. The lucky tip and two good Florida drives, and LSU was down 17-0.

But then LSU had a drive. Starting on its nine, LSU drove 42 yards on seven straight rushing plays to midfield. And then Charles Scott fumbled a bad handoff. Florida turned that into a field goal to go up 20. That LSU closed the gap to 14-20 with touchdown drives straddling halftime was impressive. The Gators, though, wouldn’t be stopped.

The next three series went Florida TD, LSU three-and-out, Florida TD. And it was over.

What was surprising was how Florida ran all over LSU. The Gators piled up 265 rushing yards, 103 of those in the fourth quarter after the game had been decided. After relying on Tebow’s arm early, the Gators turned to the run in the middle of the second quarter and really broke LSU’s back on the ground. The score that put the game out of reach was a 42-yard run, not a Tebow toss.

It was a lot to ask of the Tigers to stay in the game after turning the ball over twice, doing not much on offense and suffering the bad luck of the bounce to go down 20-0 in The Swamp. It was not a good night for LSU at all, but I’ll take the little ray of sunshine that was a 14-point comeback.

It’s not much, but I’ll take it.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Georgia can’t be real happy with a 26 – 14 win over Tennessee that was within a touchdown going in to the fourth quarter. Holding the Vols to 1 yard rushing = very good. Giving them more points than they got on Northern Illinois = not so good. But the big concern for UGA has to be their dependence on the pass. That shows in scoring four field goals and two touchdowns. And that’s 16 points left on the field. You can get away with that against Tennessee, not so much against Florida.

And I guess CBS also has a hard crush on Knowshon, as they gave him the Player of The Game award for 101 yards on 27 carries (3.7 average) and no touchdowns. I suppose Mohamed Massaquoi’s 5 catches for 103 yards (20.3 average) and a touchdown don’t cut it against the Greatest Back Since Hershel Walker.

At least I got the pick right.

I said in my picks that if Mississippi State was 2-3 instead of 1-4 I would have picked them over Vandy. The ‘Dores are nothing special and I shouldn’t have given them a nod here.

God help Auburn after the loss to Arkansas. The program is really teetering on the brink of disaster now. Only managing 193 yards on offense against Arkansas (only Western Illinois had failed to put 300 yards on the Hogs) was bad enough, but couple that with giving the Hogs 416 yards of offense and things are not good with the War Eagles. I didn’t expect much from Auburn, but I expected them to at least beat Arkansas.

South Carolina pulled out the win at Kentucky, as expected. And lookee there, the Cocks are 5-2 after winning four straight. Bears a little more study now for the LSU game.

For the week: 2 – 3
For the season: 42 – 11

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