SEC Week 6 Recap

There’s a series of stats I’ve been repeating so often since Saturday night that I have it memorized. It goes like this:

Vanderbilt went into last weekend giving up 364 yards of offense per game. They held Auburn to 207 yards. Auburn gained 320 yards on LSU. And Florida dropped 514 yards on Arkansas Saturday.

That’s the kind of stat chain that keeps me up at night. But I’ll address the implications of that going in to Week 7. Week 6 was an odd one.

The Auburn / Vandy game was the strangest I’ve seen in a long time. For a team to go from dropping 156 yards on their opposition in the first quarter to being completely unable to move the ball the rest of the game is just bizarre. Things are not good in Auburn. And poor Vandy is sitting atop the SEC East, ranked No. 14 and 5-0, yet they can elicit only pleasant thoughts of perhaps being bowl-eligible this year from the likes of ESPN analysts. Ouch. I did not get the pick correct.

I’ve also been giving UGA fans a lot of crap about Bama’s performance against Kentucky. Probably six SEC teams would have beaten Fonzie and the gang on this day (three turnovers, 10 penalties), but not Kentucky. Of course, Kentucky also didn’t give Alabama reason to get focused and execute like UGA did with the “blackout” nonsense. I got the pick right.

South Carolina stepped up and beat Ole Miss, but I had picked the Rebels in a close one. The world would be a more interesting place had the Cocks slipped to 0-3 in the conference and Ole Miss gone to 2-1, but alas.

I threw out a 9-6 score prediction for Tennessee / Northern Illinois, and 13-9 is not far off and just an embarrassment for the Vols. It’s a tough call between Auburn and Tennessee for the most bafflingly-bad team in the SEC, but the edge has to go to the Vols for now.

Florida rolled the hapless Hogs as expected.

For the week: 4-1
For the season: 40-8

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