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SEC Week 10 Predictions

No, I don’t have much enthusiasm for college football right now. But I shall at least make picks. Tulane comes in to Baton Rouge to face the Tigers. What the hell am I to make of the Greenies? 36th nationally in total offense, but 95th in scoring offense. 33rd in total defense but 80th in [...]

Bad call on pass interference tip in LSU game – reviewable?

Early in the second quarter of LSU’s loss to Georgia on Saturday, the officials waived off a pass interference flag against the Dawgs because it was very incorrectly ruled that the pass was tipped by a Georgia player at the line. The bad call ended an LSU drive and forced the Tigers to settle for [...]

SEC Week 9 Recap

I’m a little shocked at how accurate my prediction was for what would go down in the LSU / UGA game. It was a game of poor defense ultimately decided by the capabilities of the opposing quarterbacks. Jarrett Lee didn’t come through. He needed a big game with few mistakes. He had his best game [...]

SEC Week 9 Predictions

Getting an early jump on the weekend action, what with Auburn playing Thursday night and me heading down to Baton Rouge Friday morning (Wisdom readers, let me know if you’ll be out at the game – And let’s face it, there’s a lot to talk about. Sure, the showdown with Fonzie next month now [...]

SEC Week 8 Recap

It does not bode well. Not well at all. LSU should not have to “pull one out” against the likes of South Carolina. It should not take halftime adjustments to finally shut down a one-dimensional offense ranked No. 104 in rushing being led by a freshman starting his first game. LSU’s offense is unspectacular, but [...]

LSU’s glaring defensive problem is not on the field

Critics of two-quarterback systems like to say that when you have two quarterbacks, you really have no quarterback. And they’re right. Doesn’t the same, though, hold true on the sidelines? LSU has two defensive coordinators, and therefore has no defensive coordinator. And it’s really starting to show. The Tigers, of course, make their living on [...]

SEC Week 8 Predictions

It’s a given that No. 13.0 LSU really needs to show its worth this weekend in Columbia against the Cocks. The humiliation at the hands of Florida last week left the college football world – and any Tiger fan with a brain – wondering what this team is all about. And the No. 35.5 Cocks [...]

Jordan Jefferson redshirt – can you do that?

From The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning: Miles said Wednesday that he “leaning toward” seeking a redshirt for freshman quarterback Jordan Jefferson, who has taken one snap this season and injured his right (throwing) shoulder on the play vs. Mississippi State. Miles said the final call will decide [...]

SEC Week 7 Recap

Is there anything good to say about LSU’s performance in Gainesville last night? It was good to see some fight left in the Tigers down 20-0 with under a minute to go in the first half. Punching in touchdowns to end the first half and open the second half preserved a few ounces of self-respect [...]

SEC Week 7 Predictions

LSU heads to The Swamp this weekend for what has become – sorry Auburn – the premier game on the Tigers’ yearly schedule. And this one’s a hard game to predict. No. 11.5 Florida is a couple of fumbles, a blocked extra point and a better Tebow bull-rush away from being the No. 2 team [...]

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