Google 2001 to Sarah Palin – who are you?

This amuses me. Google’s throwback search engine they’re rolled out to celebrate their 10th birthday – Google 2001 – is a great way to see how the world was viewed a scant 7.5 years ago.

What I had to check out was the engine’s view on our current Presidential tickets.

“Barack Obama” tells the tale of a young Illinois state Senator and Harvard Law alum.

“John McCain” gives you information on his 2000 Presidential campaign and his Senate career.

“Joe Biden” is all about his Senate career.

“Sarah Palin” – Never heard of her.

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3 Responses to “Google 2001 to Sarah Palin – who are you?”

  1. TCL says:

    Google 2001 also never heard of the iPod.

    The phrase “web search products” gets 1 hit, to a Kansas U. library page offering a “Comparison of web search tools.”

    The phrase “Internet product management” gets 7 hits, mostly folks looking for jobs in some crazy newfangled dealiebop.

    Times change.

  2. Cap'n Ken says:

    Well, much like the “Sarah Palin”, the iPod hadn’t been introduced to the public in January 2001.

    You should feel great pride, I guess, that though Google did not know about the great young maverick mayor who had been running Wasilla for five years and is now the shining light of Republican hope, it did know about your involvement in Moot Court!

  3. John says:

    You’ll get a kick out of this, maybe.

    I was at a luncheon today. Lo and behold the guest speaker was former Gov. Blanco. She fielded a question about Gov. Palin.

    The question was about “perceived” undue criticism and nitpicking over Palin’s selection because she’s a mother of five, etc., and whether it amounted to sexism, or what.

    To her credit, and everybody else’s humbling shame, she answered the question with such logic and stoicism.

    Her response was that (and I’m paraphrasing as best I can) Sarah’s selection is indeed interesting, but the scrutiny with which she’s being subjected is a matter of the compression of time needed to publicy vet her for a nation. We’ve LONG forgotten the scrutiny against Joe Biden and others because their careers have been so long and so public. She’s just facing the same amount of scrutiny, only in a MUCH shorter time period.

    And it makes a lot of sense. Are the questions necessarily the same, but I have to apologize to Kara because I hadn’t considered this possibility when I posted on her FB account awhile back. I think the questions are relevant. If you put yourself out there for public service, be sure you’re ready!

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